Choosing a Micro-abrasive Sand Blaster for Metal Finishing

Introduction Micro-abrasive sand blasters are preferred for metal finishing applications over other post processing methods because they are more precise, accurate, and customizable. This is accomplished by testing different blasting materials (size and type),...

Glass Etching at Brown Ledge Summer Camp

As an Arts & Crafts teacher at Brown Ledge Summer Camp in Vermont, I am always on the lookout for new methods for campers to create media. Once I saw David Schulte’s glass etching blog on the Vaniman website I was immediately intrigued, but had several reservations:

David Schulte Glass Etching with a Sand Blaster

Glass etching is a form of art that removes the surface layer of glass, or mirror, leaving behind a cloudy finish. There are many ways to etch glass, but only a micro abrasive sand blaster can produce the amount of detail and true depth as seen in the pictures above.

IDS 2015

Vaniman at the International Dental Show Cologne, Germany. March 2015. Vaniman Manufacturing Co., a leading supplier of quality dust collectors and micro abrasive blasters, announces that they will be attending the International Dental Show (IDS) in 2015.   The...

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