OSAP Moderator: Nancy Dewhirst, RDH

Nancy Dewhirst, RDH is a nationally recognized speaker, writer, and dental safety advocate. She presents interactive and hands-on clinics across the country focusing on infection control, disaster preparedness, OSHA training, and more. She is also adjunct faculty at West Coast University in Anaheim, CA, focusing on Oral Pathology and Infection Control in the Department of Dental […]

OSAP Panelist: Don Vaniman, Vaniman Manufacturing Co.

Don Vaniman, President of Vaniman Manufacturing Co., has been engineering clean air and work environments for 25 years, from an early focus in product design and R&D to running an international business with customers in a wide range of industries and locations. Vaniman Manufacturing Co. is a family business, founded in 1985 by first asking […]

OSAP Panelist: Dr. Shelly Miller, PhD

Dr. Shelly Miller, PhD is a Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Colorado Boulder in the Mechanical Engineering Department, and a faculty member of the interdisciplinary Environmental Engineering Program, teaching at both graduate and undergraduate levels. She researches indoor air quality (IAQ), assesses exposures to air pollutants, and develops and evaluates IAQ control […]