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Vaniman at the AAO Annual Session 2022

Leave a neon light on for us, Miami Beach! Vaniman is coming to the AAO Annual Session 2022, the world’s greatest celebration of orthodontics.

The show is in-person as well as virtually; the in-person part is May 21-24 at the Miami Beach Convention Center, Exhibit Halls A-C.

Find us at: BOOTH 913, Exhibit Hall A.

What can you expect to see at the Vaniman booth? Why, our monthly promo product, the SandStorm Professional — a dental sandblaster with a dust fan and filter built right in, so you don’t even need an external dust collector unit.

Come and see why so many orthodontists raved about the SandStorm Professional so much that Dental Product Shopper named it a “Best Product.”

Also, because we know you convention-goers love little souvenirs, we’ll let you use our blaster to make your own Vaniman shot glass to take home!

Hope to see you there.

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