Dental Drawer S

The Dental Drawer S is the premier dust collector drawer solution.  An all-in-one, compact, dental dust collector drawer unit that is designed for small offices and areas where quick suction is needed. It is ideal for smaller offices and dental labs and works best during operatory use or as a space-saving dust collector where primary suction cannot be plumbed. NO MORE HOSES!

  • High-Performance Motor
  • Pop-up Debris Shield
  • Fits Most Standard Drawers
  • EZ Replacement Filter
  • 1 Year Warranty

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Six station super duty dust collector for all types of dust.
motor control.

  • New ultra quiet brushless motor
  • Six workstation operation
  • Variable speed control

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SandStorm Edge

A space-saving micro abrasive sand blaster specifically
designed for the dental industry.

  • Extra large tanks
  • LED Lighting
  • Exclusive non-clogging flow design

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Welcome to

Vaniman Manufacturing Co.

We offer the latest technology in affordable micro-abrasive sand blasters, small dust collectors, and air filtration systems.

Here at Vaniman Manufacturing Co. we believe that good quality products, with the most innovative technology, should be affordable.

Our products are used in labs and offices for the purpose of dust collection and air purification. We have been the leader in the Dental Industry for Dust Collectors and Sand Blasters for over 30 years. Our products are extremely versatile and can be used in variety of locations with numerous applications. If you are grinding or polishing precious metals our Accumulators are perfect for collecting and refining metals.



Industrial Equipments

Dental Equipments


dr-michael-j-erickson-dds_b“We love our SandStorm 2! In a fast paced orthodontic environment there’s no time for low horsepower micro etchers. What used to take several minutes to clean an appliance or bracket now takes seconds with our SandStorm 2. We placed it on a shelf in our sterilization room so it is close to the clinical area and it has been a home run. Our staff loves that it is quick and easy to use. It is so effective that I have been tempted to use it for auto part restoration…I have not yielded to that temptation. Excellent quality and performance. Thank you Vaniman, for producing products that make it a pleasure to practice our art.”

Michael Erickson, DDS, MS
Erickson Orthodontics, Inc


“Vaniman has an excellent commercial system, it’s small, compact, and affordable enough to have in your dental office.”

Mark J. Friedman, DDS
Friedman Dentistry


“Our Prep Department loves these suction units (two Vanguard Gold 2x). They are so much better than what we had. These suction units are great! Glad to have added to our Vaniman “collection””

Kim Ravdin, CDT
Champlain Dental Laboratory President


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