Vaniman Manufacturing Co

Our mission is to provide high-quality, affordable products, that are easy to operate and maintain. We offer the latest in micro-abrasive sandblasters, small dust collectors, dust collection solutions, and air filtration systems proudly made in the USA.

Our products are used in many different industries including; Medical Device Manufacturing, Dental Laboratory & Office, Jewelry, Surface Texturing & Finishing, Aerospace & Automotive, Educational Facilities, Fossil Preparation, Glass Etching, and many more.


Vaniman Dental Sandblasters

High Quality Micro-Abrasive Sandblasters

Hand assembled precision blasting systems for many applications.

  • Pen-Nozzle Delivery
  • Durable and Reliable Operation
  • Versatile Use-Cases
Industrial BlastersDental Blasters
Vaniman Dental Sandblasters

Centralized Dust Collection: The V-Six

A powerful multi-station dust collector for high production facilities.

  • Powers Up To 6 Stations at Once or 4 Cad/Cam Mills
  • HEPA Filtration
  • Long Life Brushless Motor
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Vaniman Dental Sandblasters

Designed for the Dental Office: The Dental Drawer S

An all-in-one dust collector that fits and replaces a drawer.

  • High Power In A Small Package
  • Replaceable Filter Bag
  • Pop-Up Debris Shield
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Vaniman Dental Sandblasters

Cad/Cam Dental Mill Dust Extraction: StoneVac MillSync

Powerful CAD/CAM extraction that automatically operates.

  • Long Life Brushless Motor
  • Can Power Two Dental Mills At Once
  • Includes Pre-Filter & HEPA Filtration
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Vaniman Dental Sandblasters

Anti-ESD Blasters for PCBs: The Master Problast 3 ESD

Ideal for conformal coating removal or static sensitive blasting applications

  • De-Ionizing Work Cabinet
  • Versatile and Precise Operation
  • Easy to Use Maintain and Repair
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Industrial Equipment

Dental Equipment

How to Convince Your Dentist to Buy New Equipment: A Guide

If you’re a dental hygienist or assistant you’ve probably had to ask your dentist to invest in equipment you could use for your job. The main problem is that most practice owners avoid spending extra money- especially if they don’t see the value.  But what do you do...
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Vaniman is proud to announce partnership with OSAP for infection control.

As part of our mission to improve the lives of dental healthcare professionals we’re teaming up with OSAP, The Organization for Safety Asepsis and Prevention. OSAP’s goal is to be the leading provider of infection prevention and control education, training and...
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Screening Patients for COVID-19 Symptoms? They May Still Be Infectious.

Recent research published July 2020 testing over 32,480 residents and staff from nursing homes and assisted living facilities in Massachusetts “found strikingly similar distributions of viral load in patients with or without symptoms at the time of testing…”...
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False N95 mask document bearing CDC letterhead removed from social media.

Several social media posts have been popping up showing a CDC document which recommends against the use of face masks fueling an army of anti-mask Facebook users. The document sparked a fact-checking article to be published by Reuters who reached out to the CDC...
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Resurgence of COVID-19: The top 10 states with increasing cases.

The news has been overwhelmed with stories about a resurgence in COVID-19 cases.  As a side effect, some states are beginning to backtrack on reopening plans. Multiple news stories have been released which point to several states in particular that are...
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dr-michael-j-erickson-dds_b“We love our SandStorm 2! In a fast paced orthodontic environment there’s no time for low horsepower micro etchers. What used to take several minutes to clean an appliance or bracket now takes seconds with our SandStorm 2. We placed it on a shelf in our sterilization room so it is close to the clinical area and it has been a home run. Our staff loves that it is quick and easy to use. It is so effective that I have been tempted to use it for auto part restoration…I have not yielded to that temptation. Excellent quality and performance. Thank you Vaniman, for producing products that make it a pleasure to practice our art.”

Michael Erickson, DDS, MS
Erickson Orthodontics, Inc

Dr. Mark Friedman

“Vaniman has an excellent commercial system, it’s small, compact, and affordable enough to have in your dental office.”

Mark J. Friedman, DDS
Friedman Dentistry

“Our Prep Department loves these suction units (two Vanguard Gold 2x). They are so much better than what we had. These suction units are great! Glad to have added to our Vaniman “collection””

Kim Ravdin, CDT
Champlain Dental Laboratory President