Industrial Microabrasive Sandblasters

Vaniman offers a wide range of professional, high quality industrial sandblasters for many different applications. Our units operate from 20-90PSI and have a precision delivery system that is compatible with abrasive medias in the 25 to 250 micron range. They are compact in size and fit easily on table tops or benches.

Our line of industrial sandblasters are not only cost-effective, but also suitable for most micro blasting applications. Click HERE for a full list of applications.


  • Medical Device Manufacturing
  • Aerospace & Automotive
  • Electronics & Conformal Coating Removal
  • Glass Etching
  • Sand Carving
  • Stone Carving
  • Fossil Preparation
  • Production Processes
  • Manufacturing
  • Movie Prop Production
  • Jewelry Creation
  • Milling & CNC Machining
  • and more


  • Matrix Removal & Encasing Removal
  • Deburring & Metal Finishing
  • Surface Finishing & Texturing
  • Polishing & Texturing
  • Carving & Cutting
  • Etching Glass & Ceramics
  • Removal of Slag & Coatings
  • Adhesive Removal
  • Deflashing
  • …and more

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