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Master Problast 2 – 80355


Microabrasive sandblasting system with two 50-100 micron tanks for variable applications.

The Vaniman Master Problast 2 features our instant-off feature to allow for immediate stoppage of media flow once the foot pedal is released. This allows for more precise blasting and cuts down on media cost over time. An ideal blaster for multiple applications, the Master Problast 2 offers precision blasting with a smaller footprint.

Dust collector required; recommended unit: Vaniman Abrasive Vac.

  • 2 1000Ml Media Tanks – Labor saving Easy Fill sand tanks hold up to 4 pounds of media
  • Exclusive non-clogging flow design – internal automatic air/media purging system
  • Blast proof resin cabinet is maintenance free
  • Includes 1 precision Tungsten Carbide Tip plus 1 Crystal Embedded Tip
  • Foot pedal control
  • Adjustable Air Pressure with a 20-90 PSI Operating Range
  • Two Pen Nozzle Sytle Precision Hand Pieces
  • 1 Year Warranty

A high quality and economical blasting system for moderate to heavy production usage. Low maintenance media flow system virtually eliminates wasteful down-time and lowers maintenance costs.

Diagrams & Instructions:

P/N 80355


Compressed air requirements: minimum 90 PSI at 1.5 CFM (recommended 2.5 CFM).

FAQ: Air Supply Connections for Blasters (blog).

FAQ: What’s the Difference Between Our “Master” or Instant-Off (I/O) Sandblasters and the Standard Kind?

INTERNAL DIMENSIONS: 15.1″ wide x 9.1″ deep (back wall to hand entry) x 6.6″ high (screen to light)

Dust collector required. Recommended unit for one station: Abrasive Vac.

Problast 2 Optional Accessories:

Replacement Parts:

Assembled in USAUSA Flag

Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 15 in
Instant Off

Yes, No

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