The Design Center is a free suction design service that helps you optimize your suction stations for maximize efficiency and dust collection.  The system features state of the art controls and integrations that reduce health risks and overall costs.

Watch the video below for an example of what the Vaniman Design Center service can do for you.

Step 1: Make a Wish List

List the products and features you would like or provide a list of stations and their use and we’ll recommend the best equipment to suit your needs.

Features to choose from:

  • Automatic on/off switches for dust collector control
  • Automatic suction control valves for routing suction only to stations where an operator is working.
  • Dust collection accessories for collecting dust at each station.

Step 2: Send us what you have

Anything is better than nothing. A blueprint is ideal, but what we need are specific dimensions like height and depth of the counter tops and space allowed for plumbing.

Step 3: Initial Designs

Once we have all the information possible our engineers will put together detailed renderings based on the dimensions given. If need be, we can talk directly with the contractor and reps to increase the accuracy of the drawings.

Step 4: Modifications

This is a collaborative process so if something isn’t how you envisioned then let us know and we will gladly change it.

Step 5: Instructions

After the designs are finished, we will include labeled drawings for easy set up.

Step 6: Results

Once your design is installed and completed, Vaniman will provide lifetime support to ensure your system is running optimally. We are here to help in any stage of the process.

PGA Tour Super Store – Six Stations
Each station is used in the process of making a golf club and only two station will be open at a given time. We’ve design this set up with pneumatic valves to maximize suction and so that the other stations are closed off.

Rasmussen Prosthodontics Lab – Three Stations
This lab was designed with pneumatic valves at each station to maximize suction while having simple control. Each station is outfitted with a switch that controls the dust collector as well as the pneumatic valves associated with that station.

Costa Aesthetics – Four Stations
Having only two technicians, this design allows for the use of a StoneVac II without compromising suction.

Nancy Gum D.D.S. – Three Stations
Orthodontist Nancy Gum wanted an economical design so we gave her pneumatic valves at each station with an AutoPilot for complete handpiece synchronization.
Use one of the Design Center templates to begin the process. All templates show are examples highlighting our unique valving system which controls suction and only allows it where it is needed by the operator.  This allows for multiple dust collection stations to be plumbed without sacrificing suction. The only limiting factor is the amount of stations requiring “active” suction at once.  svii-2-station-front
StoneVac II two station setup.
StoneVac II three station setup.
StoneVac II four station setup.
Our V-Six high power dust collector with four station setup. 
V-Six 5 station setup.
V-Six 6 station setup.

Contact us today to initiate the process.