Abrasive Sandblasting Media

High-quality abrasive media for micro sandblasters. We offer many different types of sand blasting media including aluminum oxide, glass beads, sodium bicarbonate, and walnut shell sand for many blast applications. Our abrasive media is graded to ANSI B71.12 and FEPA specifications. Bead sizes range from 360 grit (25 Micron) to 63 grit (250 Micron).

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Aluminum Oxide | Glass Bead | Sodium Bicarbonate | Walnut Shell

Sandblasting Media Selection Guide

Choosing the correct sandblasting sand or media for a sandblaster is extremely important as each type of media has its own characteristics. Use the sections below for more detailed information to select the ideal media for your application.

(More details found here: The Vaniman Guide to Microabrasive Sandblasting Media)

Sandblasting Media Specifications

Aluminum Oxide
Mohs Hardness: 8-9 | Grain Shape: Angular | Ideal Applications: Cutting, Deburring | Media Sizes: 360-63 grit/25-250 micron
Glass Beads
Mohs Hardness: 5-6 | Grain Shape: Spherical | Ideal Applications: Polishing, Prep, Texturing, Deburring | Media Sizes: 240 grit/50 micron
Sodium Bicarbonate (Soda)
Mohs Hardness: 2.5 | Grain Shape: Angular | Ideal Applications: Cutting, Deburring, Texturing | Media Sizes: 120-240 grit range /50-100 micron
Walnut Shell
Mohs Hardness: 3 | Grain Shape: Smooth Angular | Ideal Applications: Cleaning, Preparing | Media Sizes: 120-63 grit/100-250 micron
Micron to Grit Size Conversion Chart
Micron/Grit/Mesh/Tyler Sieve/ASTM Sieve conversion chart (Vaniman)
Media Application Chart
Abrasive Sandblasting Media Size & Type Application Chart Use this abrasive blast media chart to help select the ideal media type and size for your application.
List of Sandblasting Applications


  • Etching trophies
  • Decorating/personalizing glassware
  • Etching mirrors


  • Cleaning small parts
  • Preparing surfaces for adhesive or plating
  • Identification


  • Trimming and edging
  • Drilling holes and cutting windows
  • Identification marking
  • Removing printing and layout
  • Cutting thin ceramic pieces


  • Resistance wire stripping – potentiometer and delay line
  • Semiconductor adjustment and trimming
  • Lead cleaning
  • Micromodule Fabrication
  • Contact cleaning
  • Cutting quartz and crystalline materials
  • Cutting silicon wafer
  • Adjust circuit boards
  • Remove conformal coating


  • Cutting very thin glass sheet
  • Trimming and edging glass components
  • Cutting windows in glass envelop
  • Taking test slice from center of glass piece
  • Identification markings
  • Frosting/etching decorative glassware
  • Cutting optical filters


  • Drilling holes in laboratory glassware
  • Identification marking
  • Preparing surfaces for strain-gage application
  • Testing abrasion resistance
  • Creating artificial flaws
  • Score tubing for breaking to length


  • Deburring and edge breaking
  • Drilling and cutting thin hardened metals
  • Marking and identification
  • Lapping uneven or internal surfaces
  • Removing plating and anodizing from specified area
  • Cleaning corrosion and contaminants
  • Unload diamond wheels during grinding
  • Remove/hide machine marks


  • Deflasking
  • Clean surfaces for adhesives and coatings
  • Marking and parts identification
  • Remove scratches
  • Etch surfaces


  • Cleaning castings
  • Preparing surfaces for coatings or adhesive
  • Removing contaminates


  • Deburring Swiss screw machine parts
  • Removing copper flash from EDM components
  • Cleaning dies
  • Etching/marking parts


  • Removing matrix from fossils
  • Removing glue and paint from various surfaces
  • Cleaning metal objects
  • Sculpturing jade and semi-precious stones
  • Removing dirt
  • Cleaning ceramics


  • Remove flash from molded parts
  • Remove burrs from machined holes
  • Clean cavities
  • Remove rust and other contaminates from molds and dies
  • Cutting/drilling hard plastics
  • Marking/identification of parts and molds
  • Making adjustments in hardened molds

Sandblaster Nozzle Size Chart
Sandblasting Nozzle Size Chart

Showing 1–12 of 23 results

Showing 1–12 of 23 results