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Sandblaster Nozzle Size Chart for Sandblasting Applications

Sandblaster Nozzle Size Chart (Graphic)

Sometimes we get asked what the differences are between our sandblaster tips, so we made this sandblaster nozzle size chart below.

There’s a reason Vaniman’s sandblasters offer different nozzle sizes — and why all our sandblasting nozzle tips are changeable. Two reasons, actually; firstly, because all tips eventually wear down and need replacing, but secondly, in case you need to change it out for a different job.

Changing out a tip is quite simple; see our instructions:

What’s not simple, however, is choosing the best sandblasting nozzle tip for your particular application.

Vaniman sandblasting tips come in several different sizes, but only two general types: Tungsten Carbide sandblasting nozzle tips and Sapphire Crystal sandblasting nozzle tips. Each type and size will have varying ideal applications. See our sandblaster nozzle size chart:

Sandblaster Nozzle Size Chart (Vaniman)

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The difference between Tungsten Carbide tips and Sapphire Crystal tips

The primary difference between the Tungsten Carbide and Sapphire Crystal tips is the shape of spray.

The Tungsten Carbide tips produce a narrow, linear direction of media spray. This makes them excellent for precision work.

Conversely, the Sapphire Crystal tips produce a broad, conical-shaped spray. This makes them preferable for broad surface work.

Something to keep in mind: the nozzle tip size has more to do with the coarseness or fineness of the media than with the “size” of the job at hand.

Another key point to remember: all our tips can handle whatever kind of sandblasting media you use, just make sure the size of the media is appropriate for the media tank and the nozzle tip. (Need to know which kind of media to use for your application? See The Vaniman Guide to Microabrasive Sandblasting Media.)

Sandblasting applications by sandblasting nozzle tip type

Obviously, these lists are ongoing, always increasing in size, but here are some of the most common applications for each type…

Tungsten Carbide tip applications

  • PCB coating removal
  • Glass etching
  • Removing machine lines
  • Shot peening
  • Cosmetic/decorative finishing
  • Dental crown inside blasting
  • Precision detail work

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Sapphire Crystal tip applications

  • Surface abrasion
  • Surface texturing
  • Surface cleaning/polishing
  • Deburring
  • Adhesive removal
  • Paint removal
  • Matrix removal/fossil prep

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Sandblasting Nozzle Tips for Sale

Once you’ve determined the right tip for you using our sandblaster nozzle size chart above, the next step is to order the tips you need!


If you have any questions on sandblasting applications, parts, maintenance, use, etc., please call:


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