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VIDEO: Introducing Vaniman’s Right Angle Sandblasting Tips

Vaniman Right Angle Blasting Tips


Vaniman’s microabrasive sandblasters have tons of applications in all kinds of industries, and one of the things that makes them so handy is their ability to reach where other methods cannot. Hand sandpapering or hand polishing, for example, can’t usually get into the tiny nooks and crannies that a stream of abrasive media can.

But for those areas that are even harder to reach — around corners or deep in a cylinder, for example — sometimes even a blaster needs a little extra help.

That’s where these come in…

Vaniman Right Angle Blasting Tips

Right Angle Sandblasting Tips

Vaniman’s right angle tips can be fitted onto any Vaniman sandblaster handpiece using our adapter to give you a 90-degree turn in your media stream.

The precision linear stream from the tungsten carbide tip makes fine detail work easy and accessible. 

Read more about the differences between crystal sapphire embedded tips and tungsten carbide tips here.

Our right angle tips come in small, medium, and large sizes.

  • The small size is best for 25-50 micron media.
  • The medium size is best for 50-100 micron media.
  • The large size is best for 100-250 micron media.

And if you’re really in need of a right angle tip to get to really narrow, generally inaccessible areas (think the bottom of a tube, or in small recesses in artisan pieces), we offer extended right angle tips as well!

Ask your dealer or shop our website to order yours.

And don’t forget that adapter! These tips aren’t designed for the standard Vaniman nozzle cap, you’ll need an adapter to make the right angle tips work.

Video transcript:

You might know that Vaniman has a variety of blasting tips for you to choose from, but you might NOT know that you can also get tips with a right angle for hard-to-reach areas!

These right angled tips come in small, medium, or large for different sizes of media.

The shape helps get into crevices, crags, and corners you might not otherwise be able to reach.

And if you’ve got a particularly difficult spot to reach — say, the bottom of a valve body or a rock sample bore or something — we also offer extended right angle tips!

You can find these on our website, or you can ask your dealer, and if you have any questions, you can call Vaniman at (760) 723-1498.

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