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KN95 Mask Questions and Answers

When will masks be shipped?
Orders may ship up to 3-4 weeks from order date but we will do our best to send them out as fast as possible. Lead time can vary. Orders will be fulfilled in the order they are received.
Are your masks FDA Approved?
We offer FDA Approved Appendix A KN95 masks as well as non-healthcare worker KN95 level masks which are CE certified.
Are your masks counterfeit?
No, we have documentation from our suppliers and verify when receiving shipments to ensure we do not receive counterfeits.
Can these masks be used for Dental workers?
KN95 masks offer superior filtration to standard surgical masks however KN95 masks are not equal to NIOSH N95 masks. We are offering these masks to help provide the community with a higher level of protection since N95 masks are in extermely short supply.
What size is each mask?
The masks are one size fits most.
How do I know when my masks are shipped?
We will send an email to you with your order tracking information once it leaves our facility in Southern California.
Will you be offering N95 Masks in the future?
We are currently working on getting NIOSH approved N95 masks as soon as possible.

Vanguard Gold Mobile Extraoral System Questions and Answers

When can I expect to get my unit delivered?
Check with the equipment dealer who you purchased your unit(s) from for the latest information. We are shipping out to our dealers as quickly as we can however cannot provide exact ship dates at this time.
How loud is 53dB?
According to IAC Acoustics Lab, 53 dB is comparable to: Quiet suburb, conversation at home. Large electrical transformers at 100 feet.
What are the recommended sterilization methods?
We recommend removing the collection mouthpiece and cleaning with alcohol or equivalent anti-viral solution. Do not autoclave.
What is the recommended maintenance?
Inspect and replace the yellow particle filter around once per quarter. Inspect and replace HEPA filter quarterly and replace if suction is hindered
Why don't you use UV light in your unit?
UVC light is only effective at killing viruses it “can see” The pleats and design of HEPA filters is not penetrated by UV light. Additionally, this option is not one of the CDC recommended designs. For more on this, you can view our recent blog article titled “Does UV Light Destroy Viruses in HEPA Filtration Devices?