Abrasive Sandblasting Media Grit to Micron Conversion Calculator & Chart

This abrasive sandblasting media tool will help you calculate grit to micron conversion. Also, there is a grit to micron chart, and conversions for mesh.

Use our instant grit to micron conversion tools below for fast conversion for the most common micro abrasive sandblasting media sizes.

Grit to Micron to Mesh Chart

Blasting Size Conversion Chart for Micron, Grit, Mesh, Tyler Sieve, ASTM Sieve (Vaniman)

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The main thing to point about blasting media is that the conversion values are somewhat tricky.

This is because Grit, Mesh, and Micron are based on different values of measurement making an exact mathematical calculation nearly impossible.

However, we’ve come pretty close to the exact grit to micron formula which you can find below.

The formula for Grit to Micron conversion:

What is the formula for grit to microns?

The formula for grit to micron is 11764.71 x grit^(-0.93589) = microns.
Keep in mind, since grit and micron are different units of measurement, an exact conversion is not possible. These values should be within +/- 3%.

How is sandblasting media grit measured?

Sandblasting media grit is measured by how much media passes through or is retained by a series of mesh sieve sizes. The grit size is based on the sieves used.

What is ANSI?

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) is a private, not-for-profit organization dedicated to supporting the U.S. voluntary standards and conformity assessment system and strengthening its impact, both domestically and internationally.

ANSI sets the standard for particle size distribution and measurement.

Determine the right media type for your application: View the Vaniman Guide to Microabrasive Sandblasting Media.

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