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Skip the Sandpaper, Clean Your Engine Parts with a Sandblaster to Save Time and Aggravation

Sandblasting to Restore Motorcycle Engine Parts

Sandpapering those old engine parts by hand got you down? All that scrubbing, dipping, scrubbing, wiping, scrubbing, switching grit, scrubbing…it sure takes a toll on the hands — and the nerves. And it can take forever just to clean off one part before polishing.

For some who work on engines, this is a perfectly zen activity, the ideal way to slip into a euphoric trance and quiet the mind while still being productive. But for others — most, in fact — it’s a serious pain point with a fun factor of negative one.

Our advice to those unlucky masses: switch to a microabrasive sandblaster for professional looking results in a fraction of the time. Vaniman’s sandblasting restoration solution will amaze you!

The Vaniman Mobile Problast is an absolute must-have for any garage or workshop…

Vaniman Mobile Problast
Vaniman Mobile Problast

Minutes, not hours

A sandblaster is faster. Oxidation, rust, and even paint come off in the blink of an eye.

Sandblaster removing oxidation
(Sandblaster removing oxidation)

Just point and shoot to get rid of discoloration and spots.

This may sound like an oversimplification or an impossible promise, but it’s not.

It’s a simple engineering principle: tiny particulates move at very high speeds, and the impact produces the same effect as your varying grits of sandpaper, but way more efficiently, and without the discomfort.

“But can the Mobile Problast smooth out light scratches, too?” Absolutely — and, again, much faster.

Sandblaster smoothing out a scratch
(Sandblaster smoothing out a scratch)

And with this method, there’s also no mashing of dirt into the microgrooves formed by sandpapering, which makes the post-cleaning polish faster, too.

Get into those intricate, hard-to-reach places

Not only can you go faster when cleaning parts, you can clean more. 

The handheld pen nozzle with precision tip helps reach around plugs, nuts, and bolts, and even in between fins — all the hardest places where fingers (and large, folded pieces of sandpaper) simply can’t. 

With the Mobile Problast especially, if you can’t bring the bike to the sandblaster, you can take this sandblaster to the bike! Wherever your air compressor hose can reach, you can bring the blaster tank, and then you get six more feet of reach from the tank to the handpiece.

See how Joel from Motors & Mischief was able to clean up and polish his old Honda CB750 engine without taking it apart:

Uniform finish

If you find a consistent, smooth finish is tough to get with sandpapering, you’re not alone — it’s hard to do just by moving your fingers in thousands of tiny circles. Sandblasting, however, easily produces a quality, uniform finish over your entire piece.

You don’t get directional scratches with a sandblaster, and you don’t get cramps in your hand with all that circular movement. The conical spray from our sapphire embedded crystal tips gets that smooth finish right from the start.

Additionally, if you plan to paint your parts, this will prep the surface nicely for an even coating of paint.

Consistent performance and precision

At Vaniman, we pride ourselves on quality instruments for a huge range of applications. Our warranty is included (with a FREE 6-month extension when you register your blaster online), and with proper maintenance, you’ll get consistent results for years (or even decades!).

We have a variety of tips available so you can work with the size and shape that suits you best. Everybody works at least a little bit differently, so play around with what works best for you, just like CJ from CJ Media when cleaning and then spray painting the radiator of an MV Agusta Brutale that had previously been in a massive fiery crash:

Purchase your Mobile Problast

Easy to maintain, fun to use, and affordable – the Mobile Problast retails at $378.74, and you can even break it up into payments as low as $63.12/mo.

You can purchase this unit from our website, or if you’ve got questions, you can reach out to Vaniman and one of our experts will get back to you. Ask about having us blast on a demo part for you right here in our Southern California facility!

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