Dental Equipment

We specialize in dental sandblasters, dental dust collection, and dental air filtration solutions for both small offices and large laboratory settings.

Since 1985, Vaniman has been delivering high-quality dental equipment products that are reliable, low-maintenance, and easy to use.

Our products are unrivaled in reliability and offer the best quality for cost in the industry.  All products are assembled by hand right here in the USA.

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Dental Dust Collectors

V6, StoneVac Series, Vanguard Series, and more.

Dust Collector Accessories

Cabinets, kits, and other dust collection accessories for dental labs and offices.

Dental Microabrasive Sandblasters

SandStorm series of microabrasive sandblasters for dental labs and offices.

Dental Sandblaster Accessories

Tips, tanks, and other microabrasive sandblasting accessories for dental labs and offices.

Dental Air Filtration Systems

HEPA air purifiers, extraoral suction devices, and more.

Waxing and Casting Accessories

Electronic waxers, tips, and more.

Replacement Parts

Filters, filter bags, motor parts, and more.

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