Industrial Equipment

We offer small industrial cyclone dust collectors, industrial sandblasters, industrial air purifiers, and accessories for a variety of applications.

Medical Device Manufacturing – Delicate Material Removal – Precious Metal Reclamation – 3D Printing Powder Collection – Post Processing – Surface Finishing & Texturing – Fume Extraction & Air Purification – Deburring & Polishing – Milling Debris Extraction – Microabrasive Sandblasting – Particle & Dust Collection – Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Conformal Coating Removal

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Industrial Dust Collectors

Small cyclone dust collectors for industrial applications. Single or multiple station units available.

Dust Collector Accessories

Post-processing cabinets, capture mouths, splash guards, and many other dust collection accessories.

Industrial Sandblasters

Microabrasive sandblasters for industrial or artisanal applications.

Sandblaster Accessories

Tips, tanks, blasting media and other industrial microabrasive sandblaster accessories and replacement parts.

Pre-Filter Cyclone Accumulators

Dust and particle pre-filter accumulators for small industrial dust collectors.

Industrial Air Purifiers

Air purification systems and fume extractors for a variety of industries, including 3D printing and other manufacturing sectors.

Waxing and Casting Accessories

Electronic waxers, tips, and more.

Replacement Parts

Filters, filter bags, motor parts, and more.