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For over 35 years, Vaniman Manufacturing Co. has crafted high-quality, long-lasting, affordable products that are easy to operate and maintain. We lead the way in air filtration systems, small dust collectors, dust collection solutions, micro-abrasive sandblasters and more, all proudly made in the USA.

Our products are used in a wide range of industries and settings, including:

Educational Facilities | Dental Laboratory & Office | Medical Device Manufacturing | Surface Texturing & Finishing | Aerospace | Automotive | Fossil Preparation | Glass Etching | Jewelry

...and many more. We invite you to explore our product lineup today.

Donate to Michelle’s Place!

For the entire month of October, web sales of certain Vaniman products will benefit Michelle’s Place Cancer Resource Center in Temecula, CA.

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WATCH: Key Takeaways on How to Slow the Spread of COVID-19 by Clearing the Air

How does SARS-CoV-2 spread? What can we do about it? What tech is available for us right now? Questions answered by experts here — watch the video:

Pure Breeze HEPA Air Purifier Named a “2021 Clinical Problem Solver”

Dental Advisor, a trusted microbiology research center, has named our portable HEPA air cleaner a top pick for problem-solving in dental spaces. After running tests and measuring bacterial loads measured with aerosol impactors, our unit was found to reduce airborne bacteria throughout the office.

HEPA Air Purifier - Pure Breeze

HEPA Air Purifiers for Schools

The American Rescue Plan Provides Funding for Schools to Use for Portable HEPA Air Purifiers.

High Quality Micro-Abrasive Sandblasters

Hand assembled precision blasting systems for many applications.

  • Pen-Nozzle Delivery
  • Durable and Reliable Operation
  • Versatile Use-Cases

Centralized Dust Collection: The V6

A powerful multi-station dust collector for high production facilities.

  • Powers Up To 6 Stations at Once, or 4 Cad/Cam Mills
  • HEPA Filtration
  • Long Life Brushless Motor

Explore the V6, or…

Design Center by Vaniman

Designing a Lab?

Don’t let indecision keep your dream lab out of reach. Let us figure out the best solution for you.

Cad/Cam Dental Mill Dust Extraction: StoneVac Mill Sync

Powerful CAD/CAM extraction that automatically operates.

  • Long Life Brushless Motor
  • Can Power Two Dental Mills At Once
  • Includes Pre-Filter & HEPA Filtration
Dental Drawer S

Designed for the Dental Office: The Dental Drawer S

An all-in-one dust collector that fits and replaces a drawer.

  • High Power In A Small Package
  • Replaceable Filter Bag
  • Pop-Up Debris Shield

Anti-ESD Blasters for PCBs: The Master Problast 3 ESD

Ideal for conformal coating removal or static sensitive blasting applications.

  • De-Ionizing Work Cabinet
  • Versatile and Precise Operation
  • Easy to Use Maintain and Repair
Master Problast 3 ESD
Vaniman Master Problast 3 ESD Micro Sandblaster

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  • Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2021
    Each year, Vaniman holds a fundraising event to support Michelle’s Place, a local non-profit organization which provides resources and support to the breast cancer community. Since 2000, Michelle’s Place Cancer Resource Center has been a beacon of personal support, knowledge, and assistance for individuals and families impacted by breast cancer.
  • COVID-19 is Getting Better at Airborne Transmission
    A newly released study from the University of Maryland shows the COVID-19 virus and all its iterative variants and mutations get better at airborne transmission. That’s right — the virus is evolving toward more efficient aerosol generation. Improving indoor air quality is at a higher urgency than ever.

Customers Love Us!

We love our SandStorm 2! In a fast paced orthodontic environment there’s no time for low horsepower micro etchers. What used to take several minutes to clean an appliance or bracket now takes seconds with our SandStorm 2. We placed it on a shelf in our sterilization room so it is close to the clinical area and it has been a home run. Our staff loves that it is quick and easy to use. It is so effective that I have been tempted to use it for auto part restoration…I have not yielded to that temptation. Excellent quality and performance. Thank you Vaniman, for producing products that make it a pleasure to practice our art.
Michael Erickson, DDS, MS

Michael Erickson, DDS, MS

Vaniman has an excellent commercial system, it’s small, compact, and affordable enough to have in your dental office.
Mark J. Friedman, DDS

Mark J. Friedman, DDS

Friedman Dentistry
Our Prep Department loves these suction units (two Vanguard Gold 2x). They are so much better than what we had. These suction units are great! Glad to have added to our Vaniman “collection.”
Kim Ravdin, CDT

Kim Ravdin, CDT – Champlain Dental

Laboratory President
This is why I try to support Vaniman as much as I can. While everything from a sandblaster to 6 plus suction devices. I have not made any recent purchases in a while because well, they all last a very long time. Replacing parts is easy when there is great customer support to talk with and this is awesome. They have always been right there, friendly and extremely helpful. Thank you and keep it up…
Brian's Ceramic Specialties

Brian Berg

Brian’s Ceramic Specialties