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Exploring the StoneVac Mill Sync for CAD/CAM

StoneVac Mill Sync with Mill Remotes

Vaniman has always led the way in CAD/CAM dust collectors for the dental industry. Now we’re raising the bar again with our newest StoneVac Mill Sync

This newly upgraded model now includes digital speed control and automatic self-cleaning of the HEPA filtration system. Once again, Vaniman sets the standard for a fully self-sufficient dental mill dust extractor!

Mill remotes

The StoneVac Mill Sync is compatible with most dental mills, and our CAMLink offerings are expanding regularly.

We are ready to pack the right mill remote with your order — select the mill model when adding to your cart or when placing your order elsewhere. If we don’t have the brand you’re looking for, just reach out to us and ask!

StoneVac Mill Sync model features

  • CAMLink technology for seamless & reliable CAD/CAM operation with dental mills
  • Thermally protected brushless motor provides powerful suction for up to two (2) mills at once
  • Digital speed control
  • HEPA filtration to capture zirconia dust ( ≥ 99.97% of all dust & powder)
  • Automatic self-cleaning system
  • Pre-filter cyclone Accumulator included
  • Sound dampening design
  • Bagless design with removable dust bin
  • Easy maintenance
  • Assembled by hand in the USA

If you’re looking to expand or add new lab space, contact Vaniman for a FREE DESIGN from our Design Center team!

Our experienced engineers offer industry leading design advice for optimal suction throughout labs with multiple stations and mills. Our complimentary 3D renderings even help customers envision a comprehensive system installed in their space.

Let us show you how the mill sync would integrate with your mill and post processing/green state finishing stations!

bill of materials and installation instructions are included as well.


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