The Ultimate Guide for Conformal Coating Removal

Conformal Coating on Printed Circuit Board

Looking for an ultimate guide on conformal coating removal?  We’ve compiled all the latest technical resources and standards to make your next PCB rework and repair job a breeze whether you’re working with Silicone, Epoxy, Parylene, Acrylic, or Urethane. Enjoy! To jump to a specific area, click the section below. Types of Conformal CoatingHow to Identify Which Conformal […]

Are Dental Sandblasters Better than Microetchers?

We compare orthodontic sandblasters to intraoral sandblasters or microetchers, to see which one is ideal for surface prep and adhesive removal. Dental Microetchers Walk into any orthodontic lab or office and you shouldn’t be surprised to find an intraoral microetcher. It’s portable, decent on surface prep, and autoclavable for intraoral use making it a useful tool […]

Choosing a Micro-abrasive Sandblaster for Metal Finishing and Sandblasting

How to choose a micro sandblaster for abrasive metal finishing. Micro-abrasive sandblasters are preferred for metal finishing and surfacing applications over other post-processing methods because they are more precise, accurate, and customizable. This is accomplished by testing different blasting materials (size and type), blasting tips, and air pressures to get the desired results. Once the […]

How to Use Abrasive Blasting to Remove Coatings From PCBs

This guide will help you use abrasive blasting to remove coatings from PCB’s and circuit boards. In particular, how to remove parylene remove various coatings, including conformal coating with abrasive blasting using a sandblaster. if you’re looking for something more in depth, check our Ultimate Guide to Conformal Coating Removal. STEP 1: Determine the type […]