Portable Sandblaster for Bob Carpenter’s NYC Public Library Lettering Project

Who is Bob Carpenter? Robert N. Carpenter has been sculpting and carving for over 40 years. After obtaining an Engineering degree from Syracuse University he went to Germany to study at the German State Woodcarving School in Oberammergau and subsequently at the Master School for Stone Sculpture, Carving, and Technique in Freiburg. He is the only American […]

How to Set Up and Operate the SandStorm Professional

Our SandStorm Professional is a powerful micro abrasive sand blasting system that was designed for an office setting. It includes a small cabinet, built in dust collection and filtration, foot pedal control, and one abrasive tank. This product, when used correctly, will decrease the blasting time of any application and produce amazing results. Here are […]

The Right Micro Etcher For Orthodontist Michael J. Erickson DDS, MS

Team Erickson

Dr. Michael J. Erickson – Orthodontist, Erickson Orthodontics Inc. They have been around since 2004 and they specialize in Orthodontics and DentoFacial Orthopedics. The Problem As most of us know, braces are not only a pain for a patient, but without the proper tools they can be for an Orthodontist as well. When braces are assembled, […]

Micro Abrasive Sandblasting Tips and Advice to Ensure Success

Need a New Year’s resolution for 2022? We recommend resolving to take care of your sandblasters! Click here. Micro abrasive sandblasting equipment are used in many industries, including Dental but expanding to many industries with great success. But — as it’s well known — these machines can become a nuisance quickly if not properly maintained. […]