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Micro Abrasive Blasting for Professional Results

Vaniman Micro Abrasive Sandblasters

So you’ve been thinking about micro abrasive blasting. You’ve got a project or two — or more — and you have heard about what micro air abrasion can do. But look at all those options out there…woof. Hard to make a choice. Options range from useless ten-dollar pieces of junk to oversized behemoths designed to take the paint off jumbo jets.

A micro sandblaster (or “air abrasive unit”) is the tool of choice for people of all skill levels in all sorts of applications. Vaniman’s Mobile Problast is the perfect micro sandblaster for fossil preparation and matrix removal, glass etching and carving, marine applications that require the removal of biofilm, tool cleaning, appliance cleaning, post-print parts processing, marking, polishing, peening, smoothing, sharpening, deburring, deoxidizing, and tons of other uses.

This micro sandblaster offers high-quality professional air-abrasion at an affordable price. The media tank holds approximately 1,000 mL of blasting media. The air regulator allows for compressed air pressure between 0-100 PSI. 

This blaster was designed for maximum utility, convenience and economy — and that includes being easy to maintain. Hose fittings are quick and secure.

Mobile Problast - Easy Maintenance

For those looking for greater control or with more delicate projects, the Master Mobile Problast provides consistently pressured Instant-Off media flow.

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This small blaster is highly versatile, and quite portable — it can go wherever your compressed air can reach. And with a six-foot tube from tank to handpiece, it can reach where other tools cannot.

For fossil preparators, micro air abrasion from a Vaniman blaster is perfect for reaching difficult areas, like in between the ribs of ammonites, and for removing matrix without damaging the fossil itself. It’s an excellent supplement or finishing tool after hand tool or air scribe processes.

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Product Features:

  • 1,000 mL media tank
  • 0-100 psi adjustable filter regulator 
  • 6-foot handpiece hose for long reach/insertion into large blasting cabinets
  • Foot pedal start/stop for hands-free control of flow
  • Designed for pinpoint accuracy on small or hard to reach areas via a variety of pencil point nozzles
  • Maximum longevity and ease of maintenance
  • Handles all types of blasting media from 25 micron to 250 micron – specify preferred size at time of order (grit to micron conversion chart found here)
  • Pressurized instant-off media flow control (Master Mobile Problast only)

The Mobile Problast delivers professional quality for preparators, artisans, and hobbyists — essential for anyone looking to work at a more serious level. Reach out to Vaniman today if you have any questions!

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