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A Dust Collector in a Drawer for Dentists Without a Lot of Room

Dental Dust Collector in a Drawer

Dental offices can often be too small for all the things a dental office needs. Operatories especially can be too cramped.

If you don’t have room for a dust collector to capture the dust you make during touchups or other short processes, Fear not! Vaniman has a solution.

The Dental Drawer S – a pull-out/hideaway dental dust collector

The Vaniman Dental Drawer S was specifically designed for small offices without space for larger units or plumbing. It fits into most standard drawers — about 14.1 inches wide and 6 inches tall.

The DDS is an entirely self-contained, downward-suction dust collector/work area that hides away when not in use. It includes a pop-up shield up front for working, power and speed control on the face, a replaceable filter bag with easy top access, and exhaust in the back.

It’s ideal for where one might need dust collection but doesn’t have space to spare.

The DDS was designed to fit into an existing drawer space; and with the new Universal Mount, customers can install this dust collector under a counter, table, cabinet, or just about any flat surface with enough space underneath!

Dental Drawer S with Universal Mount

In a treatment room, this means the difference between taking crowns, brackets, retainers, appliances, or other small objects to a different room for touchups, or making convenient chairside adjustments.

The drawer front of the Universal Mount comes in three available colors: white, gray, or wood stain.

You can find more information on the Dental Drawer S by Vaniman here.

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