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Special Application Dust Collectors: the StoneVac Series

Vaniman StoneVac Family of Special Application Dust Collectors

We love to talk about our StoneVac series of special application dust collectors here at Vaniman. They are powerful. They are versatile.

This is our workhorse series — they are built for high volume and long life.

The name “StoneVac” comes from die stone dust extraction, its original intent from the outset. But these machines are all well suited to handle virtually any dry dust material, and have evolved along the way into some very interesting niches.

So — what’s the difference from one to the next? And which model is best for YOUR application?

Excellent questions! Let’s get into it…

Special application dust collectors: the breakdown

StoneVac II
StoneVac II+
StoneVac Brushless SC
StoneVac Mill Sync for CAD/CAM
StoneVac AM

StoneVac II

  • One or two stations
  • Most economical StoneVac unit
  • Fits a generally broad range of purposes in dental labs and jewelry manufacturing
  • Also fits into other kinds of manufacturing, including the three A’s: Automotive, Aerospace, and Apple pies
  • Pre-filter cyclone Accumulator optional
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For use in dental, jewelry, automotive, aerospace, and other manufacturing settings.

StoneVac II+

  • One or two stations
  • The only StoneVac model with handpiece AutoPilot sync; activated automatically when you use a micromotor handpiece, or even a small lathe (as long as it draws 5 Amps or less)
  • Particularly valuable for green state finishing in dental labs
  • Pre-filter cyclone Accumulator optional
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For use in dental, jewelry, or other varied industries with micromotor use.

StoneVac Brushless SC

  • One to four workstations
  • A level above in both power and motor life
  • Adjustable speed settings
  • Designed for collecting heavier dust and particulates (including precious metals like gold and silver)
  • Pre-filter cyclone Accumulator optional
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For use in dental, jewelry, automotive, aerospace, biomedical, other advanced technology manufacturing.

StoneVac Mill Sync

  • One or two dental mills, or up to four workstations
  • Long-lasting brushless motor and adjustable speed
  • Seamless communication with dental mills (all brands) for optimal debris and particulate removal
  • Pre-filter cyclone Accumulator included
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For use with dental mills.

StoneVac AM

  • One or two high production powder bed 3D printers (vacuum & powder recovery)
  • Long-lasting brushless motor and adjustable speed
  • Quieter, more powerful, and less expensive than many other additive manufacturing vacuums on the market today
  • Casters and straightforward hose connection for mobility and convenience
  • Electrostatic discharge (ESD) resistant pre-filter cyclone Accumulator included
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For use in additive manufacturing.

Across all units…

All these special application dust collectors come with a replaceable StoneVac series HEPA filter cartridge and bagless design with removable dust bin. The StoneVac series can handle just about any dry material dust and particulate, including:

  • Die-stone
  • Zirconia
  • Ceramics
  • Acrylic
  • Gypsum
  • Ceramics
  • Porcelain
  • Quartz
  • Alloy
  • Heavy metals
  • Precious metals
  • Nylon 11, Nylon 12 and other 3D printing powders
  • All kinds of abrasive sandblasting media

Each StoneVac comes with Vaniman’s complete dust collector warranty.

Routine maintenance on these machines — as with all Vaniman products — is designed to be easy, so that you can care for them and keep them running for years and even decades.

Questions? Contact us or order from your dealer!


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