StoneVac II – 10201


The StoneVac II is a powerful high-volume dental dust collector designed to collect heavier materials including stone, gypsum, precious metals, and ceramics.  This powerful unit excels in high-volume applications that require reliable high-powered suction.   All units are manufactured and assembled, by hand, in the USA at our Southern California facility. The StoneVac Series comes as 3 models; the “II”, “II Plus”, and the “Brushless SC” with our built-in “Auto-Pilot” feature available in the II Plus and Brushless SC models which will turn the dust collector on and off while you operate your hand-piece or micro motor.

Add a 2 Station Kit (P/N: 10206) for additional workstation connection.

Product Features:

  • High-speed Motor Turbine Technology
  • Quiet 55db Operation (normal conversation is 60db)
  • Easy Maintenance and Low Repair Rate
  • Bagless System
  • HEPA Grade Filtration
  • Push Button Filter Cleaner
  • Vaniman Warranty

P/N: 10201  |  P/N with Accumulator: 11030 

Your Purchase Includes:

1x StoneVac II unit, 1x 2-1/2″ Suction Hose (6ft)

Optional Pre-Filter Accumulator

Diagrams & Installation Instructions:

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