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What is the Pre-Filter Cyclone Accumulator?

What Is the Pre Filter Cyclone Accumulator?

You may ask yourself: what is that strange thing on the side of some Vaniman dust collectors?

The Accumulator is Vaniman’s very own vortex cyclone filter. It separates particulates from the air before getting into the dust collector’s main filter, which provides a number of benefits (described below).


The attached dust collector pulls the air into the cyclone filter’s main cone area, forcing heavier particles like sand and debris to fall into the Accumulator’s bucket. This bucket can easily be detached and emptied periodically.

By reducing the amount of material the dust collector has to clean, the Accumulator will extend the life of the filter and the unit itself.

How does the cyclone pre-filter for a dust collector work?

Air and dust from the workstation enters through the side port of the cyclone filter Accumulator. Its unique conical shape forces the air to swirl, and creates a cyclonic vortex.

This vortex allows the particulates to separate from the air. Dust particles drop to the bottom, and cleansed air escapes through the top port and through the hose, towards the dust collector — leaving behind 95% or more of dust particles.

That dust accumulates in the bucket at the bottom, which can be easily removed and emptied of its contents.

What are the benefits of using a pre-filter cyclone Accumulator on a dust collector?

Benefits of using the Accumulator start to happen immediately. They can include saving money, reducing required maintenance, and even extending the motor life.

Save money on filter bags

The cyclonic pre-filter helps to save money by lengthening the life of the dust collector’s filter or filter bag. By capturing the vast majority of the dust particles before they reach the dust collector, the filter bag can be used solely for the percolation of small particles. The filter bags will not become full as fast, saving money otherwise spent on replacements.

Save time on maintenance

The bucket on the Accumulator is a breeze to empty, and captures dust without needing to replace filters. There are also no moving parts during operation, which means there’s no wear. There is also less time spent opening the unit, which means less down time for workstations.

Extend the motor life

As a filter bag becomes fuller, the motor has to work harder to pull the air through the congested bag. The overworked motor will overheat and can even pop the thermal fuse. Extended use at these rough conditions will decrease the life of the brushes and the overall life of the motor. Applying the cyclone filter gives relief to the stress on the motor.

When should I use a cyclone filter Accumulator?

Heavy dust collection

In applications such as sandblasting, an Accumulator is a must. Excessive amounts of heavy material in a filter bag can cause it to fail and allow dust particulates into the motor, causing failure. With a cyclone filter Accumulator, the dust collector’s filter is needed to capture only the smallest of particulates for which it was specially designed.

Collecting precious metals

The cyclone pre-filter provides an easy way to collect precious metals. While using a high speed hand tool on jewelry gold, a dust collector with an Accumulator will save the gold dust and allow it to be easily extracted.

More technologically advanced industries benefit as well. Expensive coating materials (such as those used by the aerospace industry in a Vaniman sandblaster) can be reclaimed, providing big savings for the user.


In large scale food producing operations, Accumulators have been used to protect regenerative blowers. The blowers are used to move food products along the line, but can easily get clogged due to loose debris from the food. Installing Vaniman Accumulators in line with the blowers captures that damaging debris. This simple solution for a complex problem saves companies money and headaches by reducing repairs and down time of the blowers.

Which Vaniman models come with the Accumulator?

Any free standing Vaniman dust collector can be used with an Accumulator, but these models come with an Accumulator included by default:

How to Install the Pre-Filter Cyclone Accumulator (VIDEO):

Accumulators for sale:


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