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Suck Your Dust Down with the Vaniman Downdraft Dust Collector Accessory Lineup

Downward Suction Dust Collection Accessories

Lab work is messy. Sometimes the mess of dust gets overlooked, but anything that creates little particulates can cause bigger problems than you might expect. These dust problems can range from higher cleaning bills to actual health problems for you or your staff.

We can help — dust collection happens to be a specialty of ours.

In particular, downward suction from our lineup of Downdraft dust collection accessories helps keep grinding, etching, or other dust-creating workspaces clean while also keeping it convenient for the staff.

These accessories operate on pulling those particulates down below the hands, allowing the work to happen incredibly close to the capture source with no visibility impairments.

Downdraft (PN 96044) – Benchtop Dust Collector Accessory

The original Downdraft is a moveable benchtop dust extractor accessory with front, top, and back shield protection. This accessory offers plenty of freedom to work while capturing a majority of fine, floating particulates as well as heavier dust and chips that fall directly down. Adjustable vents help control the strength of suction you need.

Soft padding for hands makes working in this area as comfortable as it is convenient. And since it’s not attached to the counter, you can move it to other stations as needed (or out of the way when not in use).

Downdraft Pro (PN 96060/96061) – Counter-Installed Dust Collector Accessory

The Downdraft Pro stays fixed to the countertop with a sleek stainless steel look and broad working area for grinding and other handpiece-driven activities. A protective shield keeps debris from flying toward the operator — or you can remove the shield entirely, allowing for a completely flat benchtop downdraft table. We offer a flat edge version for more flexibility on placement, or a corner edge for counter corner protection.

This unit pairs well with the Flex Hose Kit or Flex Hose Plus Kit for additional suction that you can easily adjust.

Downdraft Drawer (PN 96052/96053) – In-Drawer Dust Collector Accessory

For those needing something even more out-of-the-way: the Downdraft Drawer fits in a standard drawer (10″ x 11.5″ x 3.5″). Its protective shield folds down so you can fully close the drawer when not using this accessory. You can get this with a remote on/off switch for simple dust collector operation. Like their benchtop counterpart above, these accessories have soft padding and adjustable vents for greater control.

The Downdraft Drawer is a very popular choice for operatories or other situations where space is limited. It’s also very convenient when dust collection is needed only on demand rather than constantly.

All these accessories pair well with our dust collectors; shop dust collector units here:

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