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Level Up Your Dust Collection System with the Vaniman V6 SE

Vaniman V6 SE Multi-Station Dust Collector

Smart, adaptable multi-station dust collection system

Meet the Vaniman V6 SE, a central dust collection unit designed for up to six workstations or up to four dry mills simultaneously.

Design Center Rendering - V6 Dust Collector and 6 Workstations

As part of a Vaniman Smart Suction System™, this unit brings HEPA filtration and automated programming to labs looking for a giant leap forward in technology, efficiency, and cost savings.

Smart suction: what is it, and what does it do?

In a technical sense: the unit and setup includes a long-lasting motor and smart electrical components & accessories. In a working sense, this offers more advanced capabilities than ever before to humans who use it while minimizing headaches for lab technicians and owners.

The V6 SE can automatically optimize suction power in real-time based on which stations are being used.

Coupled with a SmartSpeed Remote Hub and with multiple workstations connected, the lowest power setting needed for just one station will be provided while a tech operates that one station. If two people are there using two stations, the power increases. If three people work at the same time, the power increases. If one leaves the workstation, the power decreases. And so on.

It’s so simple, it’s genius.

Additionally, the V6 SE will automatically self-clean the HEPA filtration system after every four hours of operating time. This keeps filters clear and airflow at a maximum.

Any dental lab — and, indeed, any facility that deals with dust powder, abrasive debris, or other dry particulates — can benefit from this dust collection system technology.

Benefits include:

  • Save money: with optimized efficiency — and by making sure no one accidentally leaves the dust collector on — labs save on power bills and maintenance costs.
  • Save headaches: with automation and fewer steps for humans, efficiency comes smoothly and keeps errors to a minimum.
  • Save health: with improved dust collection across multiple stations — and throughout an entire lab — staff will breathe in less dust and other particulates, improving cognitive function as well as physical health, which can bring greater productivity at lower financial and lower human cost. (See this study for more on this subject: Office air quality may affect employees’ cognition, productivity)

Central suction for all sizes

The V6 is the right size for facilities of all sizes. A centralized dust collection system is beneficial for a variety of reasons, primarily cost and ease of maintenance. In dollars per station, the V6 SE is the industry’s best value.

And scaling up is easy – the V6’s rectangular cuboid shape allows for clustering in one central location (like a mechanical room). And with a cluster of smaller units like the V6 instead of one massive, large-scale industrial vacuum, the whole facility won’t lose all the suction during routine maintenance. The rest of the units providing suction to other stations can continue to function while one unit undergoes routine maintenance.

Read about Image Dental Arts in North Carolina.

Suction as a system

The V6 SE is the heart of a completely optimized suction and plumbing system. With the latest generation V6 and the right combination of Pneumatic Valves, Smart Switches, Smart AutoPilots, Smart Mill Remote, and clever plumbing solutions, your lab can be the smartest and most efficient it’s ever been.

Vaniman can help get you there. Our free dental lab/industrial facility suction design service lets you see what your ideal suction setup looks like with 3D renderings of equipment and plumbing in your space.

Whether you’re thinking about an upgrade or designing a whole new lab, we can help make it the best it can possibly be.

Contact Vaniman today for a free design!

V6 SE specs

Motor rating288 CFM
Measurements21” long x 20” wide x 36” high
Weight136 lbs.
Voltage/Amperage120V, 60Hz, 15A (220V / 240V available)
Plumbing inlet plate options2.5 in. (4 ports), 3 in. (4 ports), or 4 in. (2 ports)

Three different size inlet plate options for the Vaniman V6 dust collector
Design Center by Vaniman
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