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Design a Dust Collection System For Your Dental Lab

Designing a new lab facility or remodeling an existing lab? Have you thought about a cohesive dust collection system?

One of the most important design challenges facing lab owners today is a heightened awareness of indoor air quality for their workers. How do you design a cutting-edge dust collection system that addresses indoor air quality?

Talk to Vaniman. We’ve done this before.

Image Dental Arts in North Carolina had a vision for their new lab. They wanted to make sure they looked at all options available regarding individual or central dust collection systems, so they contacted the Design Center Team at Vaniman for guidance.

Image had the luxury of a large first floor mechanical room, so they decided on a central dust collection system using multiple V6 multi-station dust collectors. These units operate individually, powering multiple stations each, each designed for optimal airflow and suction strength. (Read more on optimal dental vacuum system piping design here.)

Unlike classic central dust collection systems with one very large unit, the use of multiple V6 units helps avoid a total system shut down if one of the units needs routine maintenance or repairs.

One thing the Design Team usually recommends is the Vaniman Smart Switch, which is a pneumatic control device that operates the Vaniman Smart Valves at each workstation, which each technician activates with a workstation switch. This setup solves the age-old problem lab owners deal with daily of dust collectors running when not in use by the technicians.

The Design Team also provides the plumbing layout drawings and a parts list for the contractor, all at no charge.

Please visit the Design Center on our website if you would like help with your vision!

Or, if you just need some specific questions answered, you can talk with us when it’s convenient for you, at no charge. Just click the button below and set a time.

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