What is the Cyclone Pre-filter Accumulator?

The Accumulator is Vaniman’s very own cyclone pre-filter. The attached dust collector pulls the air into the cyclone pre-filter’s vortex forcing heavier particles to fall into the Accumulator’s cup. This cup can easily be detached and emptied periodically. By reducing the amount of material the dust collector has to clean, the Accumulator will extend the […]

Shaker Motor Replacement

Diagnosing a bad shaker motor 1. Shaker stops working 2. Shaker sounds noisy   Installation Instructions Replacing a StoneVac Shaker with quick slide connectors: 1. Remove the eight (8) screws with a Phillips head screwdriver from the top panel of the StoneVac unit. Slide the panel towards the front of the unit and then lift up […]

How to Replace a Vanguard/Voyager/Van-I-Vac Motor and Brushes

The Vanguard Series dust collectors were designed for the dental industry to collect material created from model trimming, grinding, and polishing such as porcelain dust, gypsum dust, abrasives, and mental filings. These units are extremely low maintenance, remain quiet at 55 decibels, have powerful suction, and filter particles as small as 1 micron. A secondary […]

How to Set Up and Operate the SandStorm Professional

Our SandStorm Professional is a powerful micro abrasive sand blasting system that was designed for an office setting. It includes a small cabinet, built in dust collection and filtration, foot pedal control, and one abrasive tank. This product, when used correctly, will decrease the blasting time of any application and produce amazing results. Here are […]

Micro Abrasive Sandblasting Tips and Advice to Ensure Success

Need a New Year’s resolution for 2022? We recommend resolving to take care of your sandblasters! Click here. Micro abrasive sandblasting equipment are used in many industries, including Dental but expanding to many industries with great success. But — as it’s well known — these machines can become a nuisance quickly if not properly maintained. […]