IDS 2015

Vaniman at the International Dental Show Cologne, Germany. March 2015. Vaniman Manufacturing Co., a leading supplier of quality dust collectors and micro abrasive blasters, announces that they will be attending the International Dental Show (IDS) in 2015.   The IDS is held since 1923. Today the IDS is held every two years in partnership with […]

How to Use Abrasive Blasting to Remove Coatings From PCBs

This guide will help you use abrasive blasting to remove coatings from PCB’s and circuit boards. In particular, how to remove parylene remove various coatings, including conformal coating with abrasive blasting using a sandblaster. if you’re looking for something more in depth, check our Ultimate Guide to Conformal Coating Removal. STEP 1: Determine the type […]

RED Dot Motor Replacement – Vanguard 2x, Voyager, Van-I-Vac, & Vanguard 1x

***The RED DOT MOTOR 97037 is replacing the “Blue Dot Technology” Motors 97006 & 97007*** ***The RED DOT MOTOR 97038 is replacing the “Blue Dot Technology” Motor 97005*** For newer units, red dot motor 97037 is being replaced with motor 97041.  Diagnosing a bad motor 1. Motor sounds noisy. 2. Motor stops running or runs […]

General Practitioner Vaheed Bayette D.D.S. and His In House Dental Lab

Dr. Vaheed Bayette – General Practitioner Located in San Diego, Dr. Bayette has been practicing for over 12 years and is highly recommended by his patients. He recently moved into a new office with an in house dental lab that can be seen below. “Vaniman took my vision and turned it into a reality. If you […]