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Dr. Mark J. Friedman’s In-House Dental Lab

Who is Mark J. Friedman, DDS?

Dr. Mark J. Friedman is a General Dentist who recently moved into a new office with his son Matt Friedman, DDS. They prefer doing a lot of their own lab work so Dr. Mark Friedman contacted Vaniman Manufacturing Co. to remedy his dust collection needs.

What he wanted:

The office is designed with elegant glass doors and futuristic computer interfaces in each room so aesthetics were definitely a factor when considering Dr. Friedman’s dust collection requirements.

Here’s what he wanted:

  • 2 Grinding stations with handpieces
  • 1 Lathe station
  • 1 SandStorm 2 station

Grinding Stations:

Starting with the grinding stations, Vaniman Manufacturing has a few options for downdraft collection ranging from a Jet Port (bench peg) to the stainless steel Downdraft Pro. Following the superb design of his lab he chose the Downdraft Pro paired with a Flex Hose to fully fit his grinding needs. The Flex Hose is a perfect complement to the Downdraft Pro because it doesn’t compromise the sleek look of the stainless steel and can be pushed out of the Doctor’s way when not in use. Vaniman Manufacturing added Pneumatic Bladder Valves to each station to manipulate the dust collection and diminish operational headaches.

Lathe and SandStorm 2 Stations:

For the lathe and SandStorm 2 stations, a more standard approach was necessary due to the uniqueness of each station. Pairing our Splash Hood with another Pneumatic Bladder Valve and copious suction from our StoneVac II Brushless the lathe station was a modest choice. Similarly, the SandStorm 2 was equipped with a pneumatic bladder valve.

Dust Collector – Duel StoneVac II Set Up:

All four of these stations can be operated simultaneously due to our workhorse dust collector the StoneVac II Brushless. From the Brushless Motor to the HEPA Filter this dust collector is powerful, quiet, and has little to no maintenance. This unit can collect material from acrylic to superfine abrasive and can run for hours on end. The StoneVac II Brushless is commonly used for milling and has been known to run for thousands of hours with little maintenance.


We also supplied Dr. Friedman with all the plumbing so that everything fit his needs perfectly. The hoses are out of sight and the dust collectors are located in another room. He was satisfied with our customization and ability to fit his needs perfectly. Feel free to watch the short video above to see Dr. Friedman’s experience with Vaniman Manufacturing Co.

Here’s a preview of what the rest of the lab looks like. Imagine from Fizpatrick Dental Design

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