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General Practitioner Vaheed Bayette D.D.S. and His In House Dental Lab

Dr. Vaheed Bayette

– General Practitioner

Located in San Diego, Dr. Bayette has been practicing for over 12 years and is highly recommended by his patients. He recently moved into a new office with an in house dental lab that can be seen below.

Dr. Bayette and staff

“Vaniman took my vision and turned it into a reality. If you are looking to have an in

house lab I highly recommend calling Vaniman for your dust collection needs.

Having an in house dental lab will not only improve the quality of dentistry but decrease chair side time. I believe every

dentist should have an in house lab similar to mine in order to properly treat patients’ needs and meet their expectations.”



Vaheed Bayette D.D.S.


When building his new office Dr. Bayette was working with an interior decorator to get the look and feel that he wanted while incorporating an organized, compact, and aesthetically pleasing in house dental lab. He wanted a one station set up where he could do lathe work, grinding, and micro abrasive sand blasting as opposed to a full service dental lab.

One Station:

  • Grinding
  • Micro Abrasive Sand Blasting
  • Lathe work

Dust Collection:

  • Low maintenance
  • Quiet


Having received the dimensions and basic requirements of Dr. Bayette’s ideal in house lab Vaniman’s design team recommended to him the following design options to meet his needs:

Grinding – Downdraft Pro

  • Aesthetically pleasing stainless steal
  • Removable splash shield
  • Insulated with sound dampening foam

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Micro Abrasive Sand Blater – SandStorm 2

  • Medium cabinet
  • Two media tanks
  • Foot pedal control

Lathe – Splash Hood

  • Fluorescent Light
  • Adjustable Clear Shield
  • Removable Dust Tray
  • Rugged Molded Plastic

Dust Collector – Vanguard Gold 2X

  • High speed turbine technology producing high suction
  • One or two stations, multi-speed
  • Whisper quiet operation at 55 dbA
  • Low maintenance design
  • Optional additional HEPA and Odor Filtration


After working closely with Dr. Bayette and his interior designer we were able to create the perfect lab for what he needs. If you’d like more information please contact Vaniman at (760) 723-1498 or email

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