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SandStorm 2 – 80301


The SandStorm 2 is a durable dental sandblaster designed for dental labs and offices with medium to high levels of production. It offers different media options for different applications. This unit requires dust collection and compressed air for operation.  All units are assembled by hand and tested before leaving our Southern California facility in the USA.

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Compressed air requirements: minimum 90 PSI at 1.5 CFM (recommended 2.5 CFM).

FAQ: Air Supply Connections for Blasters (blog).

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INTERNAL DIMENSIONS: 15.1″ wide x 9.1″ deep (back wall to hand entry) x 6.6″ high (screen to light)

Product Features:

  • 2 1000ML Removable Media Tanks with Tank Selection Lever
  • 25-50, 50-100, or 110-250 Micron Tank & Tip Options
  • Foot Pedal Blasting Control
  • Adjustable Air Pressure (10-90 PSI Operating Range)
  • Two Pen-Nozzles with Precision Blasting Tips
  • Super Bright LED Lighting
  • 3 Year Vaniman Warranty

P/N: 80301 (2x 50-100 micron tanks) 

P/N: 80302 (25-50 & 50-100 micron tanks) 

P/N: 80303 (50-100 & 110-250 micron tanks)

Your Purchase Includes:

1x SandStorm 2 Unit with Blasting Tips

2 Lbs of Sample Media (Glass Bead & Aluminum Oxide)

Optional Choice of Media Tanks Sizes

*Note* This units requires dust collection

Air Compressor Requirements: Output of 1.5cfm @90 PSI

Diagrams & Installation Instructions:

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Read how Orthodontist Michael Erickson benefited from the SandSstorm 2.

FAQ: Air Supply Connections for Blasters (blog).

Optional Accessories:

Replacement Parts:

Assembled in USAUSA Flag

Additional information

Weight 23 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 22 × 17 in
Media Tank 1

50-100-micron, 25-50-micron, 110-250-micron

Media Tank 2

50-100-micron, 25-50-micron, 110-250-micron

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