VIDEO: How to Replace a Vanguard/Voyager/Van-I-Vac Motor and Brushes

The Vanguard Series dust collectors were designed for the dental industry to collect material created from model trimming, grinding, and polishing such as porcelain dust, gypsum dust, abrasives, and mental filings. These units are extremely low maintenance, remain quiet at 55 decibels, have powerful suction, and filter particles as small as 1 micron. A secondary […]

VIDEO: How to Set Up and Operate the SandStorm Professional

Our SandStorm Professional is a powerful micro abrasive sand blasting system that was designed for an office setting. It includes a small cabinet, built in dust collection and filtration, foot pedal control, and one abrasive tank. This product, when used correctly, will decrease the blasting time of any application and produce amazing results. Here are […]

The Right Micro Etcher For Orthodontist Michael J. Erickson DDS, MS

Team Erickson

Dr. Michael J. Erickson – Orthodontist, Erickson Orthodontics Inc. They have been around since 2004 and they specialize in Orthodontics and DentoFacial Orthopedics. The Problem As most of us know, braces are not only a pain for a patient, but without the proper tools they can be for an Orthodontist as well. When braces are assembled, […]

Applications – Dust Collection While Milling Zirconium

Applications – Dust Collection While Milling Zirconium “Addressing the problem of dust collection during the milling of Zirconium” By: Vaniman Manufacturing, Inc. There is no question that the CAD/CAM revolution is here to stay. There are currently over 30 scanners and milling systems of all shapes and sizes to choose from. These systems offer more […]

Vaniman Manufacturing, Inc. is proud to announce the addition of the Splash Vac and Splash Hood

Vaniman Manufacturing, Inc. is proud to announce the addition of the Splash Vac and Splash Hood to its line of dust collector accessories. Both hoods are made of high impact molded resin and have been designed to work with lathes or as a separate workstation. They include a fluorescent light, an adjustable clear debris shield, […]

Lista International launches new Dental workbench line with Vaniman’s dust collection system.

Lista International, a world-leading producer of productivity-enhancing storage and workspace systems and Vaniman Manufacturing, the leader in dust collection systems for the Dental Laboratory industry, have teamed up to produce a new Dental Laboratory workspace system. This new system integrates Vaniman individual and multiple workstation dust collectors into Lista’s Arlink 8000 modular ergonomic workstation (Fig.1). […]