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VIDEO: How to Set Up and Operate the SandStorm Professional

Our SandStorm Professional is a powerful micro abrasive sand blasting system that was designed for an office setting. It includes a small cabinet, built in dust collection and filtration, foot pedal control, and one abrasive tank. This product, when used correctly, will decrease the blasting time of any application and produce amazing results.

Here are a few tips that will help with the blasting experience.

Set Up

  1. The unit come from the factory with a ¼” brass barbed fitting for use with a flexible ¼” ID air hose. If preferable, use the ¼” quick disconnect fitting supplied with the unit for use with a ¼” OD airline. Figure 1
  2. Plug the short light assembly cord into the fan receptacle. Plug the long power cord into the bottom of the fan assembly and the other end into the electrical outlet. Figure 2
  3. Fill the abrasive Jar with the proper size abrasive up to the “fill line”. Make sure the rubber O-ring is securely in position in the Lid then screw on the Lid. Failure to have the O-ring in the lid will cause the abrasives to leak which can cause damage to the jar and lid. Figure 3
  4. Turn the light inside the blasting cabinet by rotating the light switch knob clockwise and clockwise to turn off. Figure 4
  5. The Pressure Regulator is pre-set at the factory to 60 psi. To increase the pressure, pull up the “snap-ring” next to the pressure gauge and rotate clockwise to increase the pressure and counter clockwise to decrease the pressure. Figure 5

Basic Operation

  1. Stepping on the foot pedal begins the blasting operation and lifting the foot off to the pedal ends the blasting.
    1. NOTE: It is normal for air and abrasive to continue flowing out of the hand piece once the foot is lifted off the pedal. Keeping the tank full of abrasive will shorten the air bleed-off time.
    2. TIP: Use part of the bleed-off time to finish the blasting operation.
    3. To ensure a clean environment around the blaster, always pull your hands out of the black wrist cuffs while they are inside the cabinet leaving the cuffs inside. Figure 6

If you have any questions, please contact us at (800) 826-4626 and ask for technical support.

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