VIDEO: The Brand-New Vaniman Pure Breeze FX HEPA Fume Extractor

Pure Breeze FX HEPA Fume Extractor

Vaniman Manufacturing Co. is proud to announce the arrival of our latest product for industrial customers: the Pure Breeze FX HEPA Fume Extractor. The newest member of the Pure Breeze family of HEPA filter-based air cleaners includes our long-neck flexible capture hose for targeted fume extraction and a smaller body with foot pedal start/stop control. […]

VIDEO: Reopening Schools: CDC Guidelines on School Safety and Air Quality

TRANSCRIPT: We know there’s a lot of uncertainty around safely getting our schools reopened. Luckily, the CDC gives us pretty specific guidelines on ventilation and indoor air quality. We know that COVID is airborne and can remain airborne for hours. Unfortunately, when the goal is to reduce the amount of small particles in the air, […]