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VIDEO: What’s New on the Cut & Clean XL Cabinet?

Video - Vaniman Cut & Clean XL

Vaniman is super excited to announce our newest update to the Cut & Clean XL Cabinet!

This product upgrade increases productivity and usability for techs, artists, engineers and just about anybody who makes dust and debris while they work…Watch the video to see how this large cabinet can make your work easier, cleaner, and more comfortable!

Watch the video to see the new update:

Shop Cut & Clean XL Cabinet:

Don’t have time to watch us show off that exciting new feature on our Cut and Clean XL cabinet?

The video above gives all the details, but let’s recap it here:

If you don’t know this product, let’s check it out real quick: this is a large, enclosed work area for grinding or etching or post-processing and so on.

It’s a really big cabinet where you can create a lot of dust, and you can use your dust collector to clear out the fog while you work and keep your air and your whole workspace nice and clean.

This cabinet is really tough — made of steel — and it’s really bright, with its LED lighting inside, and it’s really big — you can fit a regulation sized bowling ball in here if you want to.

It comes with a dust collector port in the back, and a compressed air nozzle so you can blow away excess dust & debris while you work.

It’s ideal for green state finishing in a dental lab, or for matrix removal from fossils, or post-print parts processing in additive manufacturing or 3D printing (sanding down filament prints), or wherever you work with any materials that make dust that you don’t want to breathe in or get all over your work area.

So…what’s the new feature?

On both sides, the Cut & Clean XL Cabinet now comes with round rubber grommets.

You can cut a slit or a hole in them, and feed in a handpiece or a blaster nozzle.

This way you don’t have to use the hand hole, so it’s a little more comfortable for you while you work, and also more convenient for ease of use and for the reach of your tools.

You can order the Cut & Clean XL Cabinet from your dealer, or, if you don’t have a dealer, you can find it here on our website. The part number is 80075.

Reach out to Vaniman today if you’ve got any questions!

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