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Introducing the Next Generation: StoneVac Brushless Models

Updated StoneVac Dust Collectors from Vaniman

Exciting news! We’re pleased to officially announce a significant update to StoneVac brushless motor models:

  • StoneVac Brushless SC
  • StoneVac Mill Sync for CAD/CAM
  • StoneVac AM for powder based 3D printing

There’s a new front panel with a redesigned user interface and new internal components, including:

10-speed digital speed control

The old dial speed control is replaced with button-controlled digital speed settings, along with a pleasing start/stop button, push-button filter cleaning, and a manual-remote toggle button. This provides:

  • Greater control
  • More consistency

Automatic Filter Shake™ cleaning cycle every 4 hours of motor run time

With a self-tracked operating timer, every four hours, these units will stop the suction and clean the HEPA filter with the shaker motor, then resume the suction when it’s done. This helps us:

  • Ensure superior airflow
  • Extend the life of the motor
  • Take one more thing off the user’s maintenance list (by automating it)

New Smart Control System

New advanced internal components help us:

  • Extend the life of internal components (and the unit as a whole)
  • Expand possibilities for remote connections

Improved user experience

The new face of the StoneVac brushless models comes with:

  • Push-button control for greater accuracy and consistency
  • LED lights to indicate when power is on, when the motor is running, and when remote mode is active

Explore each new model:

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