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VIDEO: National Fossil Day 2021


Happy National Fossil Day, geology/paleontology enthusiasts!

Vaniman’s got a little HISTORY with fossils (see what we did there?) in the form of mobile sandblasters. Our portable, powerful little blasters have been taken all over the world and helped uncover numerous fossils.

So, to celebrate National Fossil Day, we’ve got a few things going on!

Number one: a big ol’ sale on mobile blasters! (See video below for coupon code.)

Number two: we’re spreading these 20 ideas to discover fossils, courtesy of the National Park Service (click here).

Number three: breaking bananas in half and sticking them in our mouths to pretend to be Smilodon californicus (the saber-toothed cat!), California’s official state fossil. Mee-ow!

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What’s your state fossil? Check here (Wikipedia).

Portable, Powerful, and Precise Microabrasive Sandblasters

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National Park Service: Dig 20 Ideas to Discover Fossils

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