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The SandStorm Prestige: It’s Big

The SandStorm Prestige: It's Big.

Vaniman’s top-of-the-line dental lab sandblaster is the SandStorm Prestige. With an available Instant-Off model variant, this unit gives you three tanks for three different media options in a large steel cabinet. This blaster is for medium to heavy use in labs with a variety of applications.

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Inside are the three handpieces, as well as a compressed air nozzle for additional cleanup operations.

SandStorm Prestige I/O interior cabinet

As with all Vaniman blasters, this can handle up to 100 PSI for efficient and powerful work.

The interior provides over a cubic foot of working space — big enough for a regulation bowling ball. (Note: we do not recommend putting a bowling ball inside your sandblaster.)

Lab techs across the country love the generous working space and the usefulness of three tanks, and lab owners love the three-year Vaniman warranty. As with all Vaniman blasters, this one has a low cost of ownership and is easy to maintain.

Designed for the discerning dental laboratory, the SandStorm Prestige offers convenience, variety, and reliability for microblasting. This unit is built to last, assembled in America and ready to ship from our factory in Southern California.

Media tank size options:

  • 25-50 micron
  • 50-100 micron
  • 110-250 micron

Each tank holds up to 1,000 mL (about 4 lbs. of most media types).

Nozzle tip options:

  • Tungsten carbide precision tips for fine, delicate detail work
  • Sapphire embedded crystal tips for broad, even texturing and surface preparation

External dust collector required. Recommended unit: SandVac.

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