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VIDEO: The Muffler (It Muffles the Sound)

The Muffler - Shh

Vaniman dust collectors are known for their quiet power, but did you know there’s a way to reduce noise even more?

The suction sound at the point of entry (i.e. the hose end closest to you) can be dampened significantly with the Muffler.

Observe the difference with the sound on:

Simply attach the Muffler to the port on the workstation accessory, and then attach the hose or pipe to the Muffler. It connects to a 2.5 in. hose or port, or can connect to a 1.5 in. opening with the adapter. (Each Muffler comes with two of those adapters, no need to order separately.)

You may have noticed we’re very concerned with quietness here at Vaniman. All our dust collection and air purification units are swathed internally with advanced sound dampening foam. From clinics to classrooms to labs to warehouses, we take aural health quite seriously. Our teams constantly seek new ways to ensure that sound is dampened, minimized, or muffled as much as possible.

Especially where safety is concerned, keeping functional units as quiet as possible is a core tenet of our product development.

So, to help keep your workstations even quieter, we invite you to explore the Muffler by Vaniman!

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