Vaniman Industrial Dust Collectors

Standard Dust Collectors: Our most versatile extractors, these units punch well-above their weight class. Designed to provide suction for one to two workstations, our standard class of dust collectors will ensure a dust- and particle-free work environment. For professionals and professional-minded DIYers, these units are designed for material removal, post processing, fume extraction, micro abrasive sandblasting, conformal coating removal, fossil preparation, treasure processing and project restoration.

Vaniman StoneVac Brushless SC

Commercial Grade Collectors: Top of the line commercial-quality extractors keep working long after the competition has called it a day. Designed for one to four workstations, our commercial-grade dust collectors can handle suction for multi-station duty all at the same time. Designed for professional and shop use for material removal, precious metal reclamation, 3D printing powder reclamation, deburring and polishing, milling debris extraction, particle and dust collection and project restoration.

V6 by Vaniman

Heavy-Duty Collectors: Our biggest and baddest extractor moves so much air it can handle up to six workstations, all at the same time. Want to do post processing at six different stations without loss of suction, complicated startup processes or wasted energy on empty stations? We got you. Designed for professional labs and shop facilities for material removal, precious metal reclamation, deburring and polishing, milling debris extraction, micro abrasive sandblasting, particle and dust collection and project restoration.

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Standard Dust Collectors

Vaniman Abrasive Vac Dust CollectorVaniman Abrasive Vac BrushlessVan-I-Vac Dust CollectorVoyager by Vaniman
Abrasive VacAbrasive Vac Brushless Van-I-Vac Voyager

Our lineup of standard dust collectors, including the Abrasive Vac, the Abrasive Vac Brushless, the Van-I-Vac, and the Voyager, represents the epitome of versatility and efficiency. These units are engineered to exceed expectations, providing powerful suction for one to two workstations. They are indispensable tools for maintaining a clean and particle-free work environment, catering to the needs of both seasoned professionals and dedicated DIY enthusiasts.

These dust collectors are multifaceted in their applications. They play a crucial role in material removal, ensuring that your work surfaces remain pristine, free from the disruptive presence of dust and particles. From post-processing tasks, where precision is paramount, to the extraction of noxious fumes in industrial settings, these units have proven their mettle. Their ability to support micro-abrasive sandblasting procedures is a testament to their fine-tuned capabilities, making them ideal for intricate projects that require impeccable detailing. Additionally, they excel in the removal of conformal coatings, making them indispensable in electronics and circuit board manufacturing.

Beyond these industrial applications, these standard dust collectors are also indispensable in specialized fields such as fossil preparation, where delicate handling and cleanliness are vital for preserving valuable specimens. Moreover, they are well-suited for treasure processing, ensuring that valuable artifacts and finds are handled with care and precision. Lastly, they are invaluable in the domain of project restoration, where their ability to remove dust and contaminants helps breathe new life into aging or deteriorating items, be it project car or motorcycle restoration, historic tools or equipment, or cherished family heirlooms.

The Abrasive Vac, Abrasive Vac Brushless, Van-I-Vac, and Voyager dust collectors are the unsung heroes of workspaces, laboratories, and workshops, offering versatility, power, and precision in maintaining a dust-free, particle-free environment, and supporting a wide array of professional and hobbyist applications across various industries and fields. Get your today.

Commercial Grade Collectors

Vaniman StoneVac II+ Special Application Dust CollectorVaniman StoneVac Brushless SCStoneVac AM dust collector for additive manufacturing
StoneVac II StoneVac II+StoneVac Brushless SC StoneVac AM

The StoneVac series, including the StoneVac II, StoneVac II+, StoneVac Brushless SC, and StoneVac AM, proudly stands as Vaniman’s workhorse collection of special application dust collectors. These machines are not just powerful; they epitomize versatility and reliability. Designed for high volume tasks and engineered for a long and robust lifespan, they have earned their reputation as the go-to choice for professionals who demand unwavering performance.

Originally conceived for die stone dust extraction, the name “StoneVac” perfectly encapsulates their roots. However, over time, these machines have proven their mettle in handling an impressive array of dry dust materials, expanding into diverse niches. Key to their efficiency is the inclusion of a replaceable StoneVac series HEPA filter cartridge and a user-friendly bagless design featuring a removable dust bin.

The StoneVac series excels at handling a wide spectrum of dry material dust and particulate, making them indispensable in numerous industries and applications. These special application dust collectors confidently tackle materials such as die stone, zirconia, ceramics, acrylic, gypsum, porcelain, quartz, alloy, heavy metals, precious metals, and even challenging substances like Nylon 11, Nylon 12, and other 3D printing powders. Their prowess extends to the extraction of various abrasive sandblasting media, further underscoring their adaptability.

What truly sets the StoneVac series apart is Vaniman’s unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Each StoneVac unit is backed by Vaniman’s comprehensive dust collector warranty, providing peace of mind to users. Routine maintenance is designed to be straightforward and user-friendly, in line with all Vaniman products, ensuring that these machines can be well-cared for and remain in operation for years, if not decades.

Versatile and durable, these special application dust collectors are designed for a wide range of professional and shop applications. They effortlessly handle tasks such as material removal, precious metal reclamation, 3D printing powder reclamation, deburring and polishing, milling debris extraction, as well as particle and dust collection. Additionally, they are invaluable in project restoration, rejuvenating and preserving valuable items. With the ability to serve one to four workstations simultaneously, the StoneVac series truly stands out as the pinnacle of commercial-grade dust extraction equipment, consistently outlasting the competition and providing unmatched performance in any demanding work environment. Click here to get yours.

Heavy Duty Collectors

Vaniman V6 SE Multi-Station Dust Collector

The Vaniman V6 SE, equipped with cutting-edge SmartSpeed technology, represents a paradigm shift in heavy-duty dust collection, originally tailored for dental professionals but now finding its place in industrial applications. This powerful multi-station/multi-mill dust collector is a true workhorse, capable of handling a diverse range of tasks with utmost efficiency and precision. With the latest enhancements, the V6 SE offers unparalleled functionality for professionals in various fields, ensuring that no matter the task, it performs flawlessly.

The V6 SE now boasts the capability to collect all types of materials, including intricate dental CAD/CAM particles. What sets it apart is its ability to provide automated or manual speed control. The integration of Smart Autopilots and Pneumatic Valves through the SmartSpeed Remote Hub ensures that the V6 SE maintains an optimal suction flow, preventing undue wear and tear on the system, and ultimately extending its lifespan. As the central component of the Vaniman Smart Suction System™, the V6 SE offers the industry’s lowest per-station cost, making it the ideal choice for businesses seeking a cost-effective, high-performance solution.

In industrial settings, the V6 SE stands out as a true powerhouse. Its versatility is a game-changer, as it can serve up to six workstations simultaneously, eliminating the hassle of complicated startup processes and avoiding unnecessary energy wastage when not all stations are in use. This level of efficiency is a boon for professionals in lab facilities and workshop environments, where precision and productivity are paramount.

The V6 SE is engineered to handle a wide range of industrial tasks with ease. From material removal and precious metal reclamation to deburring and polishing, milling debris extraction, micro-abrasive sandblasting, and particle and dust collection, it excels in all areas. The SmartSpeed suction control not only ensures consistent performance but also contributes to energy savings, prolonging the life of all internal components and making it an environmentally friendly choice.

The Vaniman V6 SE has evolved into a formidable industrial workhorse, redefining the standards of heavy-duty dust collection. Its ability to serve up to six workstations simultaneously without compromising on performance, coupled with its energy efficiency, ensures that it remains an essential tool for professional labs and shop facilities. This exceptional extractor is ready to tackle a wide array of industrial applications, from material processing to project restoration, making it a standout choice for those who demand top-tier performance and longevity in their dust collection systems. Get yours now.