COVID-19 is airborne. It transmits primarily from person to person via the aerosols we breathe out. As we walk into a room, the aerosols from anyone who was there before us can be inhaled — even from several hours earlier.

On top of normal office traffic, dental procedures often generate even more aerosols due to their very nature. Even outside of the COVID-19 pandemic, dental offices are one of the highest-risk environments for airborne diseases.

The solution: a multi-pronged approach to mitigating aerosol spread, including source capture.

Source capture with masks

Masks are great for source capture. They are still recommended by the CDC — double-masking is even better. When everybody participates in this source capture effort, we can reduce aerosols that may carry viruses between 50-70%.

But masks are not an option during a dental procedure; the patient must remove the mask for their teeth to be accessible. Furthermore, most dental procedures create more aerosols than simply breathing or speaking.

Source capture with extraoral suction

Some dentists opt for intraoral suction; however, most intraoral suction devices are too finely localized to capture a significant outpouring of aerosols. They are designed more for large droplets. But droplets drop; COVID is airborne.

Instead, dental practices should use extraoral suction near the patient’s mouth for capturing aerosols at the source.

The Vaniman Vanguard Mobile 2.0 extraoral suction system uses a HEPA filter to ensure that aerosols as small as 0.3 micron get captured — small enough to trap aerosols that carry viruses.

Our unit has been tested and proven to remove 96% of aerosols generated during a dental procedure. 

And with Vaniman’s advanced sound dampening design and small, portable footprint, the Vanguard Mobile is an ideal solution for dental offices today and for the future.

  • High-Suction Turbine Motor with 4 Speed Adjustment
  • Quiet 50db Operation (High Speed Scaler is 70db)
  • Multi-Stage HEPA Filtration System Traps 99.97% of Aerosols @ 0.3 Micron – Equal to MERV 17
  • Included Foot On/Off Switch
  • Easy to Clean with Alcohol or Equivalent Anti-Viral Solution
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Low Repair Rate 
  • Vaniman 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Available Tech Support

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