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Vanguard Mobile 2.0 – Extraoral Dental Suction for Aerosols

The Vanguard Mobile 2.0 is an extraoral dental suction unit designed to safely capture chairside aerosols during aerosol generating procedures.  Reduces up to 95% of aerosols.*

It’s made in the USA and extremely quiet due to a high quality suction sealed system. This dental aerosol vacuum safely captures aerosols during chairside procedures and offer simple hands-free operation. Position the capture mouth within 6 inches of a patients mouth for ideal aerosol capture. We offer full tech support for our products and proudly manufacturer this unit in our Southern California facility.

This extra oral suction system is superior to competitors providing 3x the suction at nearly half the price with quality American manufacturing. It’s quiet (50dB on high) and utilizes a powerful medical grade HEPA filter which safely captures microbes such as viruses and other contaminants within biological aerosols.

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Product Features:

  • High-Suction Turbine Motor
  • 4 Speed Adjustment
  • Quiet 50db Operation (High Speed Scaler is 70db)
  • Stage 2 HEPA Filter 99.97% @ 0.3 Micron – Equal to MERV 17 – For Microbes
  • Stage 1 Pre-Filter 97% @ 1 Micron For Larger Particulate
  • Easy Maintenance and Low Repair Rate and Tech Support
  • Flexible Collection Tube
  • Removable Capture Mouth can be Disinfecting
  • 4 Durable Rolling Wheel Casters for Movement
  • Included Foot on/off switch
  • Vaniman 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

P/N: 10337

Your Purchase Includes:

Vanguard Mobile 2.0 Dental Aerosol Vacuum Unit

Diagrams & Installation Instructions:


How loud is 50dB?

According to IAC Acoustics Lab, 50 dB is comparable to: Quiet suburb, conversation at home. Large electrical transformers at 100 feet.

What are the recommended sterilization methods?

We recommend removing the collection mouthpiece and cleaning with alcohol or equivalent anti-viral solution. Do not autoclave.

What is the recommended maintenance?

Inspect and replace the pre-filter around once per quarter. Inspect and replace HEPA filter quarterly and replace if suction is hindered

Why don’t you use UV light in your unit?

UVC light is only effective at killing viruses it “can see” The pleats and design of HEPA filters is not penetrated by UV light. Additionally, “This option is not one of the CDC recommended designs. For more on this, check our article on whether UV light is effective in HEPA devices or not.

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How does this unit compare to competitive extraoral dental vacuums?

  • Since we’ve been making suction systems for over 30 years, our patented technology and existing design easily translated into a high quality extraoral suction system.  Our unit offers a superior quality turbine motor which offers 2.3X the suction power of comparable models and thanks to years of engineering, our system is the quietest aerosol suction unit on the market at a low 50dB.  Also keep in mind that our unit is made in the USA at our facility in Southern California and is nearly 1/3 the price of other units. Vaniman offers full service technical support and is trusted name by all  major dealers.

Replacement Parts:


*Up to 95% reduction in aerosolized bacteria counts when using Vaniman Vanguard Mobile in conjunction with HVE. Results may vary based on application and usage; numbers based on data captured during a 2020 pilot study performed by Dental Advisor in their Microbiology Report number 138.

Additional information

Weight 36 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 17 × 17 in


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