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Cut & Clean Vanguard Combo


This combo connects the Cut & Clean Post Processing Cabinet with the Vanguard Gold 2X, a single-station dust collector that excels at collecting dust and particulates at dental workstations. This pairing is an ideal solution for work areas requiring a bench top dust collection and grinding box cabinet system. Connect compressed air to the cabinet air nozzle and capture debris and dust with the connected dust collector.

With Vaniman’s Pre-Filter Cyclone Accumulator included, this system will efficiently remove even the smallest dust particles to keep your lab space tidy. The accumulator captures 90-95% of particles prior to even getting to the bag, extending the life of the filter bags and the unit itself.

This money-saving combo provides a low cost of ownership with both equipment pieces, with the average unit lasting over 20 years. All units are assembled by hand in the USA at our Southern California facility.

Part Number: 80074-A-2



Cabinet with internal compressed air nozzle and dust collector with Accumulator.

What is the Cyclone Filter Accumulator?

Additional information

Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 19 × 14 in


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