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NEWS: Vaniman to Present at OSAP 2021

We'll be at OSAP 2021! Will you?

Vaniman Manufacturing Co. has been asked to participate in a panel discussion at the OSAP conference 2021! We couldn’t be more excited to help lead the conversation towards protecting our communities about preventable disease. 

Look for our session on June 3, 2021 at 3 PM Eastern Time. The title of the panel discussion is:

Clearing the Air: Understanding Air Quality and Viable Control Methods for Dental Offices

We know that COVID is airborne.

We know that the CDC recommends portable in-room HEPA filtration units.

But for some reason, industries — including dental — aren’t taking this seriously enough.

In-room HEPA air purifiers are a simple solution to a dangerous pandemic. Dentists can address air quality safety right now.

What can dental practices and labs do right away to stay safe and healthy?

Our company President Don Vaniman will present alongside Dr. Kimberly Prather, PhD, of UC San Diego and Dr. Shelly Miller, PhD, of the University of Colorado at Boulder.

The panel will be moderated by Nancy Dewhirst, RDH.

We’re honored to have been asked to host this event, and we’re proud to help spread the word to the dental industry about the importance of HEPA air purification in light of science showing how COVID-19 spreads primarily via aerosols.

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