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NEWS: Vaniman Manufacturing Co. Delivers Hundreds of Air Purifiers for NM School District

Pure Breeze HEPA Air Purifier Units on Pallets

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Vaniman Manufacturing is pleased to announce delivery of 300 Pure Breeze HEPA Air Purifiers to Artesia Public Schools, the public K-12 school district in Artesia, NM.

Public schools across the US may purchase portable, high-efficiency air purifiers with relief funds provided by the federal government as part of the larger coronavirus relief package. Vaniman’s portable Pure Breeze units are small enough to fit in a classroom and quiet enough not to disrupt instruction, yet powerful enough to achieve multiple air changes per hour for a standard sized room. Its standard 550 CFM motor brings air through four stages of filtration, providing 99.997% filtration of aerosols as small as 0.3 microns. It is the most robust portable air purifier in its class and its specifications are unparalleled.

“We’re thrilled for Artesia, and we’re thrilled that school districts everywhere will be able to use the federal coronavirus relief funding for things like portable HEPA air purifiers,” said Kyle Galenza, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Vaniman. “This can be a major step forward for safe school reopenings.”

The CDC provides guidance to schools for safety and speaks to HVAC system use; however, most public schools have HVAC systems that are unable to provide air changes to HEPA specifications. Additionally, the CDC recommends opening windows to help facilitate air exchange, except in areas where pollution, excessive air particulates, or temperature extremes would cause danger or trigger adverse health symptoms (such as breathing difficulty for asthma sufferers). Where this guidance may not provide practical or adequate safety for a return to in-person instruction, a combination of PPE, behavioral best practices, and high-efficiency air purification would prove more useful.

Vaniman Manufacturing has been proudly delivering quality filtration solutions for over 30 years. Vaniman’s Pure Breeze HEPA Air Purifiers are assembled in the USA.

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