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Dust Collectors in the Real World: The Titleist Tour Truck is Back!

Titleist Tour Truck

We recently had the pleasure and the privilege of visiting the newest Titleist Tour Truck. They needed some replacement HEPA filters for their four Stone-Vac Brushless SC dust collectors, and we couldn’t resist delivering them ourselves in person. The trailer was in Carlsbad in advance of the US Open (June 17-20, 2021 at Torrey Pines). 

Titleist Tour Truck - Curbside Sign

We’ve written previously about the Titleist Tour Truck (click here to read); they customize golf clubs for professionals on tour, and our dust collectors help them keep their space clean. This is the latest incarnation, a new trailer with a new setup and an even better experience for club customization.

KG Inside the Trailer
Titleist Tour Truck - Pan of Interior

For the new trailer, they chose Vaniman again to provide the dust collection system. Our Stone-Vac industrial small dust collectors are compact, quiet, and reliable, as proven in their previous trailer for the last Pro Golf tour.

Titleist Tour Truck Work Station with Vaniman Stone Vac Dust Collectors
Dust Collection System by Vaniman
Stone-Vac Dust Collectors – powerful, compact, quiet, efficient.

As always, the working setup of the trailer is impressive, as is the customer experience. Titleist knows as well as anyone that customer experience matters. Their customers have high standards, and they need solutions to meet those high standards.

That’s why the Vaniman Stone-Vac Brushless SC is an ideal dust collector for Titleist — a powerful yet quiet unit with a small footprint and efficient cyclone filter accumulator, all of which fits beneath a workstation big enough to customize professional clubs but small enough to leave space for golfers to hang out, watch the big screen TV, enjoy some refreshments, and have a conversation without shouting. 

The trailer is nearly all metal inside. The steel cabinets are filled with metal grinding machines, spare golf club parts, and Titleist hats. 

Dave and the hat cabinet.

…And of course it’s narrow enough to drive down a highway, so sound reverberates in there, big time. Any machines in use need to be as quiet as possible. 

Our dust collectors have to be good enough for our customers, because they need to be good enough for their customers.

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Big thanks once again to Dave at Achusnet for the Titleist Tour Truck tour! And good luck to all participants at the U.S. Open.

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