After working with companies like Nike Golf, PGA Superstore, and Club Champion, we’ve discovered that metal dust collection for club fitters is more than just “all in the hips”.

If you look at the top golf club fitting companies out there, you’ll find they share one thing in common—making the customer’s experience their top priority.

After all, anyone can buy a stock wedge or set of irons but the golfer who wants those few extra yards and a custom-fitted set is buying more than just custom-fitted clubs. They’re buying an experience.

So how does dust collection fit into all this? It’s actually quite simple.


Shhh, it’s sound…

Sound plays a HUGE role in dust collection but it’s only part of the challenge. Conserving space usage is a big player as well and when you have limited space, the amount of sufficiently powerful dust collection units start to dwindle.

There are a lot of dust collectors on the market that can easily deliver the raw power required to efficiently collect the debris that’s created when cutting a graphite shaft or grinding down a club head however there are few that can do it quietly without taking up a lot of space. Collecting various metals can be challenging when you factor sound and space into the equation.


This is where Vaniman scores “under par” in the club fitting collection game.


Let’s take a look at Titleist’s Tour Truck.  It’s a massive semi that travels around and assists the Tour Pros with club fitting. It’s packed to the brim with grips, shafts, and just about any part needed to customize a Tour Pro’s clubs. For Titleist, conserving space is critical. With all the gear that’s kept on the truck, there’s little space for a massive dust collection system.

Since the interior of the semi in enclosed, sound is amplified inside and a standard industrial dust collector would be horrendously loud and take up a lot of space. 

You’d end up with deaf club fitters and Tour Pros changing sponsors to avoid the noise pollution.

Titleist wanted a clean, efficient, and presentable work area but the following dust collection factors had to be met:

  • powerful suction able to collect metal, graphite, and any other material
  • maintain a reasonable sound level to avoid noise pollution
  • use a system that is compact and reliable enough to depend on it during a tour

To meet these needs, Titleist opted to use Vaniman—an ideal solution for club fitting dust collection.  Most dust collectors out there have plenty of power, but there are few that can provide that power in a quiet and compact form. 

It’s clear why you’d need a compact and powerful metal dust collector in a confined space like a semi truck but what about a normal work area at a retail facility?

Let’s take a look at how the top club fitter in the US approached this problem.

Their motto says it all, “Better fit… Lower scores”.  (We can personally attest to that).

Club Champion is the #1 premium golf club fitter nationwide–and also a Vaniman customer.   They offer golf club fitting for drivers, irons, wedges, putters and more with 70 locations nationwide.

They needed a dust collection solution that matched the quality and effort they put into their club fitting experience and chose Vaniman for that very reason.  The club fitting process often involves the grinding of metal club heads, sanding, and cutting club shafts which creates a lot of dust and debris. It’s this level of work that is needed to achieve your idea specifications is and what makes Club Champion stand out when it comes to club fitters.

As a manufacturer, Vaniman strives to make quality products that solve problems.  We’re extremely proud to work with customers like Club Champion and delighted when we can provide the best solution to fit their needs.  But we’re not the only name in metal dust collection and with all the different companies out there, we occasionally don’t know the exact reasoning for why our customers decide to work with over someone else.

To dig a little deeper into this, we reached out to Tom Kaczmarczyk, the facilities manager for Club Champion and asked the question: Why Vaniman? Here’s what he had to say:

“As the leader in custom golf club fitting, our stores rely on the best equipment to give our customers the best experience and performance.  This applies not only to our extensive club fitting system, but also the tools we use. Vaniman has been providing us with our build room vacuum systems for many years and we will continue to use them because of their excellent quality and great customer service.”

We helped Tom build a solution that matched the same quality and craftsmanship as Club Champion. He trusted Vaniman to provide a reliable dust collector for metal and other club materials that was powerful, compact, and easy to maintain. As a company, we couldn’t be happier with this.  it’s what love to do.


Tom uses our Stone Vac II metal dust collector as it’s great for collecting metal shavings and debris from belt sanding machines. The HEPA filtration also ensures the exhaust air is clean of hazardous particles preventing any air quality issues and thanks to the quiet design, you won’t have to worry about developing a case of Tinnitus.

If you’re interested in becoming a real “Shooter” then give Club Champion a call and see about getting those clubs custom fitted.  And if you’re in the market for metal dust collection, take a look at our Stone Vac II dust collector here.