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VIDEO: Get Up Close With the Perfect View Magnifier

Perfect View Video

If you work with hand tools, chances are you could use a better view without pressing your face up against what you’re working on. This goes especially for jewelry, dental lab work, and anything else that may involve grinding or sandblasting or, really, any situation where small debris is flying around.

That’s why Vaniman offers the Perfect View Magnifier.

This powerful little magnifying viewport is the perfect accessory for anyone who needs a closer look at small targets. It attaches via suction cups to any flat surface, including Vaniman sandblaster windows or dust collector shields.

This professional grade magnifier fits well on:

  • All Vaniman sandblasters
  • The Downdraft benchtop dust collection accessory
  • The Poly Guard II Shield dust collection accessory
  • Just about any flat, smooth surface that’s wide enough

The main area offers 2X magnification, while the circle in the lower right corner provides 6X magnification for extra small targets.

Ask your dealer or order online:

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