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Customized Dust Collector for Engraving Machines Plus

What was the problem?

Engraving Machines Plus is a company based out of Florida that sells engraving machines of different shapes and sizes. These machines are used to engrave metal tags, name plates, signs, engraving awards, and personalized tags like the ones found in athlete’s locker rooms. According to Danny Martinez, a spokesperson for Engraving Machines Plus, the Yankee’s use a Roland EGX-350 Desktop Engraver to make all of their personalized tags. This unit is fully enclosed in a cabinet making dust collection highly recommended.

Vaniman was approached to produce a customized dust collector specifically for this engraving machine. Engraving Machines Plus had the following requirements:

  • Run for long periods: Up to 5 hours
  • Quiet operation
  • Have superior suction
  • Turn on/off automatically when the engraving machine turns on/off
  • Affordable price
  • Low maintenance

Why use a dust collector with an engraving machine?

The dust collector provides four important services for the engraving machine during the engraving process.

  1. Remove debris
  2. Extend tool life
  3. Extend engraving machine life
  4. Ensure quality results

What’s the solution?

With some customization, Vaniman supplied the Van-I-Vac with a Large Accumulator and a remote to fully integrate the dust collection to the Roland EGX-350 Engraver.

While this is a great set up Vaniman offers numerous dust collectors of different sizes that can handle multiple engraving machines at once.


Danny Martinez’s thoughts?

Being in the engraving business for over 5 years now I know the importance of having a dust collector for our engraving machines. Without a quality dust collector the cabinet would be full of filings, the engraving machines wouldn’t last as long, and end result wouldn’t be as high of quality. Vaniman supplied Engraving Machine Plus with a viable solution that fit our needs perfectly.

-Danny Martinez


Do you need a customized dust collector?

This is one of many companies that Vaniman has worked to customize our dust collectors to fit the needs of others. If this is something you are interested please make an appointment with a Product Specialist:

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